10 Ways to Win Commercial Cleaning Contracts Insanely Fast

Getting commercial cleaning contracts in today’s business require a combination of marketing strategies and traditional approaches. The days have gone when “commercial cleaning contracts” marketing only meant papering parks and passing out business cards. There is a great deal of competition in this business today.

Learning “How to get commercial cleaning contracts” is usually the hardest step for the most cleaning business owners, especially for the new ones.

If you want to get commercial cleaning contract often, you must take a systematic approach that combines traditional and online marketing strategies. This way you’ll grow your business by attracting new clients and making long live relation with them.

Here are the ways to get commercial cleaning contracts easily, and actually quite often:

1. Perfect Your Cleaning Services

The uniqueness of your services is really important. It not only leads to contracts but also ensures long live relation with the clients. Therefore, try to provide what they expect from you.

If you’re not sure of doing it the right way, study your competitors and then, try to outdo them. People pay money for your services, if you prove them that you’re responsible and will value their money, you are going to ROCK!

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2. Create a Compelling Company’s Profile

In order to continue getting commercial cleaning contracts, you need to create a compelling Company’s profile. When you bid for a contract in any organization, they’ll check out your profile, and it is first screening process you’ll be subjected to.

Therefore, you can increase your chances of getting cleaning contracts by creating a compelling profile. It won’t cost you much if you take help from an expert here.

Good Commercial cleaning profile matters

3. Make Your Commercial Cleaning Company Visible

Company’s visibility matters as an organization may think that they haven’t come across your company’s name before. If you really want to enter commercial cleaning contracts you must be ready to make your company visible.

There are many ways to do so. Here are some:

  • Keep company’s office in a good location.
  • Make company uniform unique.
  • Join nearby relevant cleaning associations.

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4. Create a Strong Online Presence

Create a good official website for your company. Make sure that contacts details are available on it. In modern digital days, it has become easier for people to go online and find a company that is closest to them.

Moreover, it will become more likely for you to get commercial cleaning contracts when you invest in online marketing and drive traffic to your website.

Ensure online presence and marketing

5. Make a List of Your Potential Clients and Send them a Proposal.

Make a list of people about whom you’re sure that they would need your services, now send them a good business proposal. It won’t harm you if you charge them less for the first time. This is a good way of letting clients know that your company really provides great services.

If your proposal is good enough, you are likely to get the contract. Keep in mind that you are expected to wait and hope for the call with “never say never” attitude.

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6. Partner with local organizations.

Pairing up with a local organization is a great way to build your reputation, and this is how you’ll start getting commercial cleaning contracts more often.

Build good relations with local businesses and think of partnership with them one way or the other. This makes your reach to new customers efficient.

7. Always Offer More than You Are Paid for

If you secure any commercial cleaning contract with an organization, you should always offer more than you’re paid for. What is the logic behind this? If you serve more than you promised, you are likely going to get referrals, and this is how a business starts thriving in the first place.

Can you imagine how it would impact your cleaning business if you cleaned public facilities free of cost? It is not a waste, such acts ensure more business opportunities. Therefore, if you find an opportunity to show your great services to others, you must grab it.

8. Establish a referral program.

It is one of the best business practices to ask satisfied customers to refer your business to their friends and family. The process can become more efficient if you offer incentives in return.

It has been found that referral program not only makes customers trust your business but also result in better customer retention.

Start referral program

9. Contacting Real Estate Agents and Property Managers

Contacting Real estate agents and property managers is one of the easy ways to get office cleaning contracts. Such people usually have a lot of daily dealing with different people from different offices, hospitals, and large apartments.

If you successfully align yourself with them, you surely are going to get cleaning contracts.

10. Newspaper Ads

Newspaper ads can help you in getting commercial cleaning contracts. It is actually a good way to grabbing the attention of the business owners who are needing such services.

Newspaper Ads help you in getting cleaning contracts

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