220 Marvelous Girl Names That Mean Love

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Some of our favorite girl names that mean love include:
















Girl Names That Mean Love

Some of the rare girl names are Minnette, Amy, Callidora, Carwen, Suki.

Adore – “to love”

Thandi – “beloved”

Maitea – “love”

Venus – “Goddes of Love”

Carita – “beloved”

Lovette – “Little Loved One”

Tindara – “willing to love”

Karina – “Love”

Sjöfn – “goddess of love”

Amanda – “Worthy of love”

Amara – “everlasting”

Kalila – “sweetness”

Amandy – “Fit to be loved”

Thuong – “Love tenderly”

Amorina – “Love”

Halia – “remembering a loved one”

Cara – “beloved”

Cara – “beloved”

Lolovivi – “There’s always love”

Mahal – “Love”

Dariela – “dear one”

Idony – “love again”

Amicamea – “my love”

Živa – “fertility and love”

Cheryl – “beloved, and friend”

Amia – “Beloved”

Maitea – “Love”

Myrna – “beloved”

Mirna – “Beloved”

Amandine – “much-loved”

What are some female names that means love?

Some of the catchy female names are Hartlyn, Haviva, Marija, Aphrodite, Kama.

Amor – “Love”

Priya – “loved”

Caera – “beloved”

Haviva – “well-loved”

Calandra – “lovely one”

Cherish – “desired”

Liba – “dear”

Habiba – “sweetheart”

Adelpha – “beloved sister”

Ilys – “Acronym for I Love You So”

Davida – “beloved”

Kendi – “one who is greatly loved”

Avila – “desired”

Sneha – “Love, affection”

Esme – “To love”

Caraleigh – “beloved or friend”

Ishtar – “of love and fertility”

Carissa – “Beloved; grace”

Canan – “Beloved”

Tivona – “lover of nature”

Desiree – “desired”

Amada – “loved”

Aiko – “Little loved one”

Caris – “loved one”

Esha – “desire”

Mila – “gracious”

Gráinne – “love and grain”

Asthore – “Loved One”

Ily – “Acronym for I Love You”

Imogen – “beloved child”

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Pretty Girl Names That Mean Love

Some of the pretty girl names are Drury, Amorette, Querida, Juji, Kalila.

Dione – “Love and beauty”

Áine – “goddess of love”

Carys – “to love”

Amala – “beloved”

Demanda – “Fit to be loved, lovable”

Hulda – “Loved one; mole”

Angharad – “much loved”

Aiko – “little loved one”

Hebiba – “Loved one”

Annwyll – “Loved one”

Freya – “goddess of love”

Živa – “love and fertility”

Lada – “love and beauty”

Lennan – “Gaelic for lover”

Cheryl – “dear one”

Lalasa – “Love, friendship”

Lida – “Loved by the people”

Amy – “to love”

Oratilwe – “Loved One”

Caralie – “beloved”

Amorette – “little love”

Mila – “loved one”

Marietta – “of the sea”

Amika – “Loved friend”

Priti – “Love”

Sjöfn – “Norse goddess of love”

Liubov – “Love”

Milda – “goddess of love”

Hathor – “love, beauty”

Idony – “renewed love”

Cute Girl Names That Mean Love

Some of the cute girl names are Sevda, Agapi, Amala, Lennan, Sevgi.

Venus – “goddess of love”

Mandy – “worthy of love”

Darlene – “darling”

Amata – “to love”

Aloha – “Love or compassion”

Callista – “most beautiful”

Angharad – “Much loved”

Anansa – “love and beauty”

Yaretzi – “You will always be loved”

Priya – “beloved”

Xaria – “blooming flower”

Priya – “beloved”

Cari – “Love”

Kealoha – “the loved one”

Oshun – “love”

Dzydzilelya – “love, fertility, and marriage”

Grainne – “charming love”

Habiba – “Loved one”

Davina – “beloved”

Mina – “love”

Amy – “Beloved one”

Marija – “beloved”

Clíodhna – “love, beauty”

Nayeli – “I love you”

Philomena – “Powerful love”

Taffy – “Loved one”

Frigg – “Love”

Teofila – “Loved by God”

Vida – “beloved”

Ellone – “God loves me”

Girl Names That Mean Love

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Rare Girl Names That Mean Love

Some of the rare girl names are Cari, Amada, Prende, Jeddida, Myfanwy.

Esha – “desired”

Amoretta – “Little love”

Adore – “A gift; beloved”

Filomene – “Powerful love”

Madan – “God of Love”

Aziza – “beloved”

Halia – “remembrance of a loved one”

Grania – “Love”

Dodi – “Well loved; gift”

Suki – “loved one”

Carina – “Beloved”

Adora – “A gift; beloved”

Carys – “Love”

Ahuvati – “my love”

Kamaka – “beloved child”

Mina – “Love”

Aimee – “beloved friend”

Amore – “love”

Asmara – “Love”

Caera – “beloved”

Settarra – “Beloved”

Aphrodite – “goddess of love and beauty”

Maite – “beloved”

Tene – “Love”

Lovey – “Love, affection”

Manami – “Love, Affection”

Anchoret – “Much Loved”

Rose – “flower of love”

Esme – “beloved”

Vashti – “love”

Querida – “beloved”


There are many great girl names that mean love. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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