230 Mysterious Names for Ghost That are Clever

When it comes to ghosts, people have a lot of different names for them. Some call them hauntings, apparitions, or specters. Others simply call them ghosts. Whatever you call them, there is no one correct way to refer to these strange beings. In fact, the name you use can actually give away a lot about your own personality and beliefs. However, here we enlist various things to help you come up with ghost names.

The best way to come up with a ghost name is to apply your personal beliefs and interests. You can also pick any of the common names but it will be less credible if you don’t have a personal interest in ghosts. You can use words you know already, or words that are interesting. For example, if you happen to be a fan of Harry Potter, you could choose the name ghost of Harry Potter. It does not make any sense to pick the name of a fictional character. It s also a bad idea to use your pet s name or something that is cute. You can also use names that have some meaning to you.

In the end, you can make up your own name for your ghost. Words are powerful and can change the way you think, feel, and perceive. You can use words to make your ghost unique and memorable. It s a good idea to learn as much about your ghost as possible before deciding on a name. If something is not working correctly, you will now know what to do. The more you know about your ghost, the more control you have over it.

Names for Ghost

  • Bram, The Chubby Scribbler
  • Mary, The Shivering Devil
  • Casper, The Heartfelt Ghost
  • Gladys, The Burning Nurse
  • Mary, The Helpful Devil
  • Jolly, The Heartfelt Soul
  • Bram, The Chubby Girl
  • Tricks, The Playful Spirit
  • Emily, The Light Nurse
  • Evilyn, The Silent Artist
  • Tricks, The Happy Child
  • Anne, The Light Artist
  • Raggy, The Happy Girl
  • Giggles, The Frightened Girl
  • Muriel, The Weeping Doctor
  • Boo, The Chubby Ghost
  • Odell, The Light Teacher
  • Raggy, The Happy Ghost
  • Spirit, The Adorable Boy
  • Ivy, The Light Housewife
  • Emily, The Gooey Nurse
  • Minnie, The Happy Youngster
  • Pumpkin, The Heartfelt Child
  • Agnes, The Weeping Warrior
  • Spirit, The Heartfelt Soul
  • Ariel, The Burning Teacher
  • Lysandra, The Burning Artist
  • Boo, The Frightened Girl
  • Gwen, The Shivering Nurse
  • Pumpkin, The Playful Baby

Scary Names for Ghost

  • Evilyn, The Weeping Doctor
  • Martia, The Roaming Girl
  • Bones, The Playful Boy
  • Sabrina, The Gooey Devil
  • Koi Koi, The Helpful Torturer
  • Agnes, The Gooey Artist
  • Dusana, The Pleasant Teacher
  • Casper, The Heartfelt Girl
  • Pischacha, The Weeping Angel
  • Stinky, The Crying Youngster
  • Emily, The Weeping Artist
  • Mist, The Happy Scribbler
  • Ebony, The Burning Warrior
  • Candy, The Dribbling Child
  • Jolly, The Crying Toddler
  • Casper, The Adorable Baby
  • Muriel, The Damned Devil
  • Evilyn, The Screeching Doctor
  • Bella, The Roaming Screamer
  • Chupchip, The Chubby Child
  • Crow, The Messy Boy
  • Cream, The Frightened Soul
  • Bliss, The Heartfelt Ghost
  • Spike, The Dribbling Toddler
  • Fang, The Hungry Toddler
  • Felicity, The Light Nurse
  • Giggles, The Frightened Ghost
  • Spooks, The Adorable Child
  • Spike, The Playful Girl
  • Gladys, The Helpful Screamer

Best Names for Ghost

  • Odell, The Light Warrior
  • Cloud, The Dribbling Doodler
  • Vissi, The Light Widow
  • Chupchip, The Chubby Girl
  • Folo, The Hungry Baby
  • Ariel, The Weeping Torturer
  • Stinky, The Crying Scribbler
  • Crow, The Playful Child
  • Samara, The Roaming Angel
  • Ivy, The Burning Torturer
  • Agnes, The Burning Widow
  • Lumia, The Joyful Spirit
  • Bag-Bones, The Happy Child
  • Lady Aurora, The Gooey Nurse
  • Lady Gyver, The Gooey Widow
  • Reaper, The Messy Soul
  • Raggy, The Dribbling Boy
  • Bliss, The Adorable Boy
  • Jolly, The Chubby Boy
  • Nirvana, The Weeping Nurse
  • Chupchip, The Adorable Ghost
  • Bag-Bones, The Joyful Doodler
  • Ruby, The Helpful Screamer
  • Tricks, The Playful Child
  • Anne, The Silent Devil
  • Spirit, The Hungry Baby
  • Sooty, The Frigtened Child
  • Gladys, The Damned Artist
  • Pischacha, The Helpful Artist
  • Jinx, The Heartfelt Soul

What are some good ghost names?

  • Spooks, The Happy Child
  • Agnes, The Silent Devil
  • Bella, The Damned Teacher
  • Thorn, The Messy Girl
  • Jolly, The Crying Ghost
  • Jolly, The Heartfelt Ghost
  • Greedy, The Crying Girl
  • Luna, The Chubby Child
  • Dusana, The Shivering Nurse
  • Samara, The Light Doctor
  • Ebony, The Silent Screamer
  • Folo, The Hungry Girl
  • Female Ghost Names
  • Storm, The Joyful Soul
  • Bones, The Hungry Ghost
  • Lite, The Babbling Doodler
  • Casper, The Heartfelt Scribbler
  • Koi Koi, The Burning Girl
  • Sabrina, The Pleasant Nurse
  • Ruby, The Silent Housewife
  • Bella, The Helpful Torturer
  • Crow, The Joyful Youngster
  • Greedy, The Babbling Boy
  • Pumpkin, The Adorable Scribbler
  • Carrie, The Silent Angel
  • Lite, The Frightened Ghost
  • Koi Koi, The Gooey Girl
  • Felicity, The Helpful Doctor
  • Freya, The Screaming Doctor

Cute Names for Ghost

  • Martia, The Gooey Angel
  • Carrie, The Silent Nurse
  • Bram, The Hungry Ghost
  • Bella, The Damned Nurse
  • Belu, The Chubby Doodler
  • Sooty, The Dribbling Soul
  • Reaper, The Crying Ghost
  • Emily, The Burning Artist
  • Glowy, The Adorable Doodler
  • Bliss, The Crying Scribbler
  • Jolly, The Frightened Baby
  • Bag-Bones, The Frightened Soul
  • Bones, The Crying Scribbler
  • Bones, The Messy Child
  • Beast, The Playful Child
  • Anne, The Roaming Widow
  • Lysandra, The Helpful Devil
  • Boo, The Crying Child
  • Lumia, The Hungry Ghost
  • Candy, The Happy Child
Names for Ghost

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How to Name a Ghost

There are many different ways to name a ghost. The most important thing to remember is that the name you choose will be your ghost s name, not yours. If you want to use your own name, change it to something else before you start naming your ghost.

Here we enlist few thinks to consider before choosing ghost names:

1.     Choose a name that reflects its personality

A ghost with a name like Foolishness or Stupidity would be very unhappy. If you want to name your ghost after someone, make sure the person is dead, and not just playing a prank on you. Try to avoid names that are overly emotional or personal.

  • Glowy, The Joyful Boy
  • Belu, The Playful Spirit
  • Salem, The Hungry Youngster
  • Bliss, The Crying Ghost
  • Stinky, The Heartfelt Soul
  • Ruby, The Damned Devil
  • Mist, The Happy Child
  • Bones, The Babbling Ghost
  • Moira, The Damned Angel
  • Ooooky, The Messy Child
  • Cream, The Crying Baby
  • Bliss, The Dribbling Youngster
  • Koi Koi, The Roaming Doctor
  • Samara, The Burning Doctor
  • Vissi, The Helpful Doctor

2.     Naming your ghost after an occupation

If you want to name your ghost after an occupation, make sure that the occupation is not too common. For example, if you choose a ghost that has died as a doctor and his or her name ends in “s” (Dr.

  • Bag-Bones, The Joyful Soul
  • Blinky, The Hungry Child
  • Dusana, The Roaming Devil
  • Nyx, The Joyful Boy
  • Tricks, The Babbling Girl
  • Tricks, The Chubby Child
  • Gladys, The Silent Devil
  • Blaze, The Joyful Toddler
  • Candy, The Messy Scribbler
  • Spooks, The Frightened Youngster
  • Freya, The Weeping Doctor
  • Bones, The Crying Soul
  • Freya, The Screeching Devil
  • Lumia, The Happy Child
  • Endora, The Silent Widow

3.     Brainstorming names that fits

Select a name that reflects the personality of your ghost. Make sure you pick a name that is not too personal, as your ghost might get upset if you choose his or her full name.

  • Spike, The Frightened Spirit
  • Chupchip, The Playful Child
  • Martia, The Pleasant Angel
  • Odell, The Weeping Screamer
  • Giggles, The Messy Scribbler
  • Gogo, The Crying Baby
  • Jinx, The Crying Child
  • Lumia, The Heartfelt Child
  • BooBoo, The Playful Soul
  • Gwen, The Screeching Artist
  • Felicity, The Burning Artist
  • Beast, The Happy Spirit
  • Chewy, The Heartfelt Boy
  • Fang, The Joyful Soul
  • Greedy, The Dribbling Soul

4.     Use an adjective to describe your ghost

For example, if you name your ghost “Furious”, the adjective “furious” can be used to describe the mental state of your ghost. You could also use an adjective to describe what he or she did for a living.

  • Sabrina, The Damned Nurse
  • Salem, The Joyful Doodler
  • Mary, The Screeching Girl
  • Martia, The Shivering Girl
  • Blaze, The Joyful Ghost
  • Thorn, The Dribbling Boy
  • Spirit, The Dribbling Boy
  • Evilyn, The Pleasant Warrior
  • Endora, The Pleasant Nurse
  • Fang, The Crying Soul
  • Gwen, The Pleasant Nurse
  • Ebony, The Helpful Screamer
  • Koi Koi, The Pleasant Girl
  • Minnie, The Crying Child
  • Lite, The Playful Doodler

5.     Avoid using common names or nicknames

These could be viewed as rude or offensive. If it’s not a name you can pronounce, consider abbreviating it to avoid confusion. Marry your ghost’s name with an adjective such as “clever” or “cunning”. For example, if you choose a ghost called “Dr.

  • Ariel, The Screeching Torturer
  • Blaze, The Dribbling Child
  • Jinx, The Babbling Girl
  • Cloud, The Dribbling Soul
  • BooBoo, The Joyful Ghost
  • Dusana, The Silent Devil
  • Spooks, The Frightened Toddler
  • Spike, The Hungry Spirit
  • Raggy, The Babbling Child
  • Mary, The Helpful Teacher
  • Bones, The Chubby Soul
  • Ondine, The Silent Devil
  • BooBoo, The Chubby Child
  • Felicity, The Gooey Girl
  • Agnes, The Helpful Nurse


In conclusion, there are many names for ghosts. Each culture has their own name, and often their own interpretation of what a ghost is. There is no one right answer, and everyone’s experience with ghosts will be different. If you’re ever lucky enough to encounter a ghost, simply listen to what it has to say and respect its wishes.

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