11 Most Profitable Furniture Business Ideas in India

The furniture is among the essential household items that fill a good space in almost every home. Without it, our homes are incomplete. That’s why the demand for furniture is high and likely to remain high as long as humans construct new homes, offices, apartments etc.

Therefore, a business opportunity in the furniture industry can be both exciting and rewarding.

The furniture business ideas are even more profitable in India with a huge population, which is growing fast and that means more homes and thereby more furniture.

Profitable Furniture Business Ideas

These are the top profitable furniture business ideas that may resonate with your investment and skills.

1. Wooden Furniture Making

Wooden furniture is the most common furniture in India. Hence, it is among the most profitable furniture making business ideas in India.

It, however, requires skills and expertise to make wooden furniture including tables, chairs, cupboards, couches, etc. You’d also need to learn the basic types of wood i.e. softwood and hardwood and where you would use them.

2. Sell Used Furniture

Selling old furniture also offers good profit margins. You will need to buy a good condition old furniture, repair, refurbish it and resell.

The demand for selling used furniture is good as not everyone can afford to buy new furniture.

3. Steel Furniture Business

The demand for steel furniture is extensive in industrial, commercial and household activities. Once you’re established furniture making business, you’ll find demand throughout the year.

With low-cost simple tools & equipment and raw material, you can start making steel cupboards, chairs, table and more.

4. Sell Woodcutting Tools

In India, there are many carpentry and woodworking businesses around. As long as they work and such new businesses open, there will be a great demand for woodcutting tools and equipment.

If you’re starting a woodworking tools retail store in your locality and thinking to keep all advanced and traditional woodcutting tools, you would need a relatively big amount initially.

5. Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron consists of low carbon and that’s why it is often used in making home décor items. Whether you’re selling or making wrought iron furniture, make sure you keep in mind quality, durability and outlook to get success.

The online e-Commerce market is big in India and hence, this furniture business idea can become your online business venture.

6. Be a Furniture Painter

Are you good at painting? If yes, why not start refurbishing old furniture? You’ll need to buy paint brushes and raw materials to get into this business.

You can offer furniture painting and other related services. It won’t be a bad idea to hire a few employees and provide all types of painting services.

7. Bench Making Business

Bench making is one of the profitable furniture business ideas. You’ll need to make benches for schools, colleges, public parks, and other government and private organization.

This business requires you to be popular enough otherwise many organizations and departments may hesitate to give you contracts.

8. Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture is popular because it offers features that are unavailable in metal and wooden furniture. “Easy maintenance, durability, and light weighed” who won’t like them?

In addition to this, they contribute to saving the trees that are cut in order to produce different types of wood furniture.

9. Make Furniture Tools

One of the big furniture related business ideas is making furniture tools & equipment. No furniture maker can operate their business without their tools.

Hence, if you can afford to start a furniture tools making company, you would not only earn yourself money but also help woodworking & related business run.

10. Plywood Factory

One of the great woodworking business opportunities is a plywood factory. It has many applications including interior and exterior and even structural.

The problem with starting a plywood factory is the high startup capital. However, one can still think of starting plywood retailing or wholesaling businesses.

11. Sell Furniture Online

It is one of the innovative furniture business ideas in India. The modern age is the age of technology. Almost every business operates online nowadays. And not every online business necessarily needs an offline presence.

Selling furniture designs online is a similar idea. Thousands of well-established sites are there, having millions of registered buyers, where you can sell your furniture easily. One of the most popular sites such sites is Etsy.

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