135 Inspiring Feminist Slogans, Sayings, and Phrases

Coming up with a compelling slogan demands that you pack a punch with only a few words. It should be simple, memorable, and powerful. Most importantly, it should communicate a message that resonates deeply with audience.

I mention some great feminist slogans to help you. But before diving in, let’s first look at some best slogan examples.

These are some of the best examples of catchy slogans that will inspire your ideas:

  • Apple Think Different
  • Nike Just Do It
  • McDonalds I’m Lovin’ It
  • Coca-Cola Happiness is Real
  • Google Don’t Be Evil
  • Microsoft Life Is Good
  • Facebook It’s quick and easy
  • Twitter What Happens On The Internet Stays On The Internet
  • Virgin Airlines No Fear
  • Starbucks You Get What You Give
  • Zappos Delivering Happiness
  • Whole Foods Market Eat Food. Drink Better.
  • Southwest Airlines “The Spirit Of Adventure”
  • American Express Because We Care
  • Target Always Low Prices Everyday
  • United States Postal Service Forever Stampin’ Out Junk Mail
  • Nordstrom Buy More, Save More
  • Urban Outfitters Anything Can Be Art

Inspiring, right? Now, let us look at some feminist slogans:

  • Women’s Rights Are Human Rights
  • Pro-woman, Pro-family, Pro-life
  • Girls to the front
  • Women are beautiful miracle in life
  • We will Not be Silent
  • Keep your f*cking laws off my body!
  • Our bodies, our choice!
  • Out of the kitchen and into the White House!
  • A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on
  • Women Are Great, Learn To Appreciate
  • I am deliberate and Afraid of nothing
  • Women give birth without man
  • Women are outperforming men in everything
  • Women are leaving men in dust
  • Equality, the time is now
  • How long must women wait for equality
  • Girls Can’t What?!
  • Weak men fear strong women
  • Equal rights are not special rights
  • Why can’t women too rule this world?

Feminist Slogans

  • Feminist forever
  • Feminists aren’t anti-men. We’re pro-human.
  • Better to be strong than pretty and useless
  • Keep calm & empower women
  • Women are country’s fate, let them be a great
  • Hmmm… time to get my gun
  • A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle
  • Feminist & proud of it
  • Give women rights or we’ll fight!
  • Ain’t no revolution without women
  • I’m a feminist and I’m proud of it.
  • Feminism is the new revolution
  • I’m a feminist & I’m proud of it
  • Never Respect opinion which disrespect the Women
  • I am a Feminist, what’s your Superpower?
  • Heart of a woman can be broken but never shatter
  • Feminist leads a generation
  • Stop violence against women
  • Educated woman means educated family
  • Be all you can be, join the feminist army
  • Women can do whatever a man can do and do it better
  • Little Girls are Heavens Flowers
  • A feminist is always ready for the dare
  • Normalize equality
  • Women- you can’t beat ’em!
  • Sisters Unite & fight
  • Your body is a battle ground
  • Men of quality do not fear equality
  • Equal means equal
  • Women also have a choice
feminist slogans

What are some catchy feminist phrases?

  • Women can do as well as men or even better
  • Women build civilizations
  • Daughters are flowers that are forever in bloom
  • Sexism Is Not A Side Issue
  • Women are more than just bodies
  • This is what a Feminist look like
  • Hear me roar!
  • Girls are angels, save them
  • Break the silence on men’s violence
  • You don’t have to be anti-man to be pro-woman
  • A feminist is always proud
  • The future is female
  • Empowering women is the only choice
  • Women: An adult human female
  • Hear our voice
  • Give me a chance
  • Don’t tell me to smile
  • We rise by lifting others
  • Girls Helping Girls
  • Your body is a battleground
  • The wage hole exists.
  • Weak men fear solid ladies
  • Female life matters
  • Our rights matter
  • Our body is not your property
  • Breaking stereotypes
  • Proud to be a feminist
  • Only if you’re a woman
  • Helping women discover their wings
  • Real men don’t hit

Feminist Sayings

  • Joy at every stage, Welcome the baby girl
  • Herstory is more important than history
  • Diversity. Equality. Unity.
  • No mothers, no founding fathers
  • Empowering women together
  • Women in struggle, help them
  • I’m cute and I’m proud to be a women
  • The wage gap exists
  • I’M Feminist & Proud Of It
  • A Women place is every where
  • Rise of the woman leads to rise of the nation
  • Join the feminist army
  • Fight for the right of women’s vote
  • I battle in male tears
  • Women are leaving men in residue
  • A lady needs a man like a fish needs a bike
  • I am a Feminist, what’s your Superpower?
  • Empowering a lady engages next ages
  • Give women equal rights
  • A Woman’s place is all over
  • Sexism Is Not A Side Issue
  • The future is female
  • Feminism is necessary
  • You instruct a Women, you teach an age
  • We are not objects
  • We have a heartbeat too
  • I’m a women’s activist and I’m glad for it
  • Feminism is the new revolution
  • What part of NO don’t you get it?
  • Women are beating men in all things
Feminist Sayings

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How To Come Up With A Catchy Slogan That Resonates Deeply With Audience

  1. Write down all the ideas that pop into your head.
  2. Once you have exhausted all the ideas, choose the ones that resonate deep within you and start developing them further.
  3. When you are done brainstorming, review the list of picked slogan ideas and pick out the ones that you like the most.
  4. Inspire your ideas from other feminist related slogans.
  5. Choose 3–4 slogans from the list and develop them further.
  6. Choose the final feminist slogan.


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