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Fancy Business Names: 600+ Elegant Names for Companies

Fancy Business Names

Figuring out a name for your business? Do you want to come up with a fancy business name? Do you want a business name that helps in your marketing and branding efforts?

Here I’ll be sharing with you some fancy business names. You’ll also get an idea on how to find a fancy name for you business.

Fancy Business Names

Here are the creative fancy business names:

Business Names List

Check out these business names list:

Elegant Names for Business

Some of the elegant names for business are here:

Good Brand Name Ideas

These are the good names and ideas for brand:

Exotic Names for Business

Some of the exotic names for business are below:

How to find an effective name for your fancy business?

Naming a business is a very essential step for the growth of any business. Fancy businesses can give you a lot of benefits and naming them correctly can double the benefits. Therefore, it is important to name your business properly. When starting the naming process follow this five-step process:

1.   Specify your Goals regarding your business

In a fancy business, you sell different sorts of products such as jewelry, accessories, and gifts. This means you might have variable short term goals for your business. But it’s important to specify your goals initially.

If you want to implement your business effectively it’s important to find a specific and relevant name for it. This step of naming is the most important and is not difficult at all. Because when you start a business you already have your goals set.

But still, before starting this naming process revise your goals and make sure that the name you choose is relevant to your business goals.

2.   Make a list of different names

When you have clear goals for your business start brainstorming different name ideas. Think of names that are easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. Here are some ideas to helps you choose a name for your business:

Use unique names

Giving your business a name that is already in use can devastate your business reputation. No matter how good services you’ll provide if you are using copied names people will never think of your business as something professional. Therefore it is very important to create a unique name for your business.

The name should be appealing to your customer

Creating a name for your business that tells your audience what solutions you are providing for them is a great way to make your business trustworthy. Try to focus on your audience’s needs. Using words like fancy, fashionable, Premium and Elite will work best. You can create names such as:

Use Alliteration

The name of your fancy business should be catchy and memorable.

Creating a memorable name increases the chances of turning leads into customers. When the business name will stick to people’s minds they’ll come back to your business again. Using alliteration is the best way to create a brand able and memorable name for your fancy business. For example,

A name that conveys meaning

As you want to create a name that’ll describe your business it is important to use a name that gives a deeper meaning. For example, if your business is for more rich people then you don’t need to use long phrases to name your business.

You can simply use the keyword ‘The VIP Experience’. This name conveys that your business is providing services for rich and famous people. Similarly, you can use names as:

Use a different language

Using a word from an international language to name your business is the best way to create a fancy, unique and brand able name. The most common language use for naming purposes is French.

For example, there’s a popular fancy business with the name ‘Dame De Fantaisie’ which portrays fashionable products.

Try compounding

Compounding is almost similar to word-combination. Two common words are combined to create a unique name for your fancy business. It is a good way to create a brand able and unique name. For example,

Keep it short and simple

Even though you are using different techniques for naming your business make sure that the name is not difficult to spell and pronounce. Make sure that the name you are using is easy and simple.

You need to choose a name that’ll connect your audience with your business. And a difficult name can become a hurdle between your business and audience.

Also, make sure that you are not using too long names. Many popular businesses have a very short name and still, sound professional.

The biggest examples are  ‘Apple’ and ‘Google’. You can use names for your fancy business such as:

Try Acronyms

Many business owners use acronyms for naming their fancy. Using acronyms is the best way to create a unique, short, and catchy name for your fancy business. However, remembering acronyms can be difficult for people.

But still, there are a lot of brands and businesses that are very famous and have used acronyms in their names. Such as KFC, NASA, and IBM. Create a name for your business and then you can use the first letters of each word to make an acronym.

Use name generators

Many online name generators can help you find a name instantly without going through any long and difficult process.

But still, it’s better to create a name yourself. What you can do is go through the names that the name generator shows and take ideas from them.

How different names are created and what sort of names suit the fancy business. Take ideas from there and create the best name for your fancy business.

Use all these tips and techniques to create 8-10 names for your business.

3.   Shortlist the names

When you finally have a long list of names then start shortlisting. Say aloud all the names from your list and omit all the irrelevant and difficult names. Only keep names that you think will sound appealing to your audience, are easy and catchy. Shortlist your 8-10 names list to 4-5 names.

4.   Do competitors analysis

This is also a very essential step for creating an effective name. Doing competitor analysis helps you better understand what sort of names work best for fancy businesses. It lets you create more trendy and specific names for your business.

5.   Get feedback

When you finally have 4-5 names then get feedback on them. If you already have a small business setup then get feedback from your customers as the name of your business is for your customers.

You can also get feedback from your friends and family to make sure that the name sounds professional and is easy to remember. If you are a beginner then it is better to get feedback from experts in this field.

6.   Check it’s availability

After you get good feedback on one or two names, check their availability. Make sure that the name is available for domain registration. If the name is already taken then don’t go with that name rather use another name. And if the name is available for registration then just name it and go for other things like the logo of your business.


Naming a business is a very crucial element for the growth of your business. Especially in the case of fancy business, the process of naming can get intimidating. However, by using certain tricks and techniques you can easily come up with the best and effective name for your business. But while using these techniques just keep three things in mind that the business name should be easy, catchy, and unique.

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