Cleaning Business Names: 550+ Cute Names for Cleaning Services

So, you decided to get into cleaning business industry and looking for cute and unique cleaning business names to inspire and help you come up with a good name, right?

You’re in the right place. Here you’ll:

  • Know what a good business name means.
  • Find out hundreds of cute names for cleaning services.
  • Learn how to come up with a unique name for your cleaning business.

Cleaning Business Names

Check out these cleaning business names to inspire your ideas:

  • The Cleaning Crew
  • Dust & Shine
  • Soft-Touch
  • On The Spot!
  • Tru-shine
  • Load Lifters
  • Dust Bunnies
  • Whisk Drive
  • Spotless Cleaning
  • Millennium Maid
  • Dirt Devils
  • Spiffy Clean
  • Magical Maids
  • Rainbow Cleaners
  • Dust Buddies
  • Twinkle Shine
  • Rescue Maid
  • Tidy House
  • Vacuum Masters
  • Sheer Clear Cleaning
  • Limitless Cleaning Services
  • Sparkline Cleaning Services
  • Unblemished Clean
  • Supreme Steam Cleaning
  • Lemon Line Cleaning Time
  • Superior Cleaning
  • Deep & Dirty Cleaning
  • Global Shine
  • Insect Eradicator
  • Uraban Fresh Cleaning
  • The Removers
  • Tips from Marcus
  • MasterCleaning
  • Handy Care
  • Ace Cleaning
  • Steam Clean
  • Clean Spree
  • Home Orderlies
  • Brisk Maids
  • BetterCleaning
  • Nurtured Home
  • Class Act Cleaning
  • Perfect Polish
  • Pristine Windows
  • Watchful Care
  • Stay Clean
  • Challenger Cleaning
  • Supreme Sparkle
  • Dream Clean
  • The Perfect Polish
  • Big League Clean Crew
  • Commercia Clean
  • Finish Wash
  • Green Clean Time
  • Clean Corner
  • Clutter be Gone
  • Rainbow Cleaning Crew

Cleaning Company Names

Here is the list of popular cleaning company names to help you get more ideas for your own name:

  • Busy Bee Cleaning Service
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Diamond Cleaning
  • SG house cleaning
  • ServiceMaster Clean
  • Vanguard Cleaning Systems
  • Stratus Building Solutions
  • CleanNet
  • Tip Top Maid Services LLC
  • Buildingstars International
  • Mint Condition
  • City Wide Maintenance
  • Spotless Group Holdings
  • Molly Maid
  • Clean Harbors
  • Budget Home Care
  • BeyondClean
  • Polish Break
  • Altitude Cleaning Services
  • Generate
  • Assured Cleaning Services
  • Liquid Brush
  • No More Dust
  • Game of Soaps
  • Classy Clean Maids
  • Fresh Mode Maids
  • Tips from Sandra
  • Thorouh Vanish
  • Zero Blemish
  • Flawlessly Clean
  • MouldBuster Cleaning
  • Sure Cleaning Services
  • Better Cleaning Services
  • Hyperclean
  • Lather right
  • Grit be Gone
  • Heaven Broom
  • Supreme Kleen Services
  • Emerald Cleaning Services
  • Maids of Honor
  • Maid2Clean
  • Shiny Wizards
  • White Wall
  • WashPro Cleaning
  • Alexa Cleaning Services
  • Spray Sanitizer
  • Spray Out

Commercial Cleaning Business Names

These are the most creative commercial cleaning company names:

  • Continental Cleaners
  • Diamond Shine
  • Shine Time Cleaning Services
  • Revolution Cleaners
  • Spotless Services
  • Tidy Shines
  • The Cleaning Fairies
  • Green Apple Cleaners
  • Magic Moppers
  • Blue Sky Cleaning
  • Twinkle Time
  • Minute Maids
  • Freedom Clean
  • Sparkling Homes
  • The Cleaning Wizard
  • Super Maids
  • Toilet Cleaners
  • Serene Cleaning
  • Mother Marys Cleaning
  • Mirror Maids
  • Zero Germs
  • Glow Fresh Clean Clan
  • Home Helpers
  • White Surface Wizards
  • Green Liquid Cleaning Pros
  • Clear Cleaning Services
  • HiFi Cleaning Services
  • Happy Housekeepers
  • Golden Cleaners
  • Home Savers
  • Pig Pen Cleaning Crew
  • Perfect Sweep
  • Mach Clean
  • Let Me Clean
  • Rest Easy
  • Soul Powered Cleaning
  • Clean Grease

Cleaning Services Names

These are the most catchy and cute names for cleaning services:

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Dust Busters Cleaning Services
  • Clean & Shine
  • The Maid Company
  • Twinkle Time
  • Not Just Dust
  • Perfection Cleaning Services
  • Fantastic Cleaners
  • Save Your Stress
  • Diamond Shine
  • First Class Cleaning
  • Fantastic Services
  • Flower Maid
  • Clean Portsmouth
  • Housekeep
  • Neat Services
  • Hygienic Company
  • Superclean Property
  • OX Clean
  • Exit Clean
  • Clean Socks Solutions
  • Diamond Cut Cleaning
  • Best Cleaners
  • Squeeky Clean
  • Merry Maids
  • Holistic Cleaning
  • Koala Klean Services
  • Apex Cleaning Services
  • Mean to Clean
  • Healthy Home
  • True Cleaning Services
  • Speckles Spot
  • Window Wash
  • Trusted Home Care
  • Spotless Solutions
  • Flourished Floors
  • Sterilized Home
  • QuickieClean
  • Crystal Glove Cleaning
  • Stark White Clean Crew
  • Hygienic Household
  • Sparkle Stars
  • BizNameWiz Writer
  • Cleaning Break
  • Bleached Walls
  • Polish Pros
  • Constant Cleaners
  • Bubble Wash
  • Dirty Fingers Cleaning
  • Vacuum Wizards
  • Dustbusters
  • Magic Maids
  • Double Washer
  • Fresh Pine Eco Clean
  • Comfort Cleaners
  • Voodoo Clean Clan

Unique Cleaning Business Names

These are the new and unique cleaning service names:

  • SupremeKlene
  • Peachy Clean
  • Happy House Cleaners
  • suds in the bucket
  • Hygiene Machine
  • Clean Conscience
  • Partners in Grime
  • Dusty Might
  • Lemon Fresh Cleaning
  • Maid in Bliss
  • Maid in Heaven
  • Perfectly Clean
  • Spotless Services
  • True Shine
  • Golden Touch
  • Steam Fresh
  • ECO-Friend Cleaning
  • Dirt Home Solutions
  • Bumble Bee Clean Team
  • Tips from Kate
  • Crystal Clear Cleaning
  • Scrubaciously Clean
  • Toxic-Free Cleaning
  • Broom Buddies
  • Soap Cleanse
  • Soaplicious
  • Buds Suds
  • Cleaning Kings
  • Revenus Maids
  • GeoClean
  • Clean to the Corner
  • Clean Team
  • Brush Agent

Boat Cleaning Business Names

These are the coolest boat cleaning business names ever:

  • Daisy Fresh Cleaners
  • Boat Dusters
  • Clean Right
  • Future Glow
  • Premium Clean
  • Move Out Mates
  • The Cleaning Fairies
  • Clean Swipe
  • Cool & Bright
  • Washing Solutions
  • Always Sparkling
  • Dirt Get-away
  • Nature’s Best
  • Spotless Job
  • Adaptive Cleaners
  • Home Doctor
  • Calm Care
  • Cleaning with Soul
  • Easy Clean
  • Pristine Cleaners

Catchy Cleaning Business Names Suggestions

NOTE: At the start of your business, no one would know that you provide superior cleaning services. There comes your business name to help you stick out.

The above list of cleaning business names that can give you further ideas to think of a good name for your company or business.

Doing business without a name is impossible, especially when you want your company or business to be a brand. You’ll probably have to drop business cards, place flyers, hang banner ads, and advertise in newspapers in order to reach potential clients.

A good business name will help you get magnificent results in all such marketing campaigns, and thus it allows you to establish your own brand over time.

Its importance can be known from the fact that many competitive industries like commercial cleaning industry consider it an integral part of their marketing strategies to get cleaning clients easily.

One way or the other, this means if you do not want your cleaning business to go unnoticed, choosing an attractive name is the first thing you’d do.


How to Name a Cleaning Business

Here are the things you should consider while picking the name for your cleaning business. You might have made a list of your favorite names, (if not make one) and narrow it down as you go through the below steps.

1. Consider Your Vision

You are starting small, that is great! But imagine the next five to ten years. Will not you be expanding your business? Surely, you will. Therefore, think bigger instead of locking yourself into something specific.

For example, you might think of “Emma’s Cleaning Service” best for now, but what if you think of adding other related services to your business later? This means thinking of a bigger picture is worth it.

Cleaning business names that are corporate friendly, and actually meant for a bigger and competitive market like commercial businesses stick out.

2. Consider Your Potential Customers

You’ll have customers based on the types of cleaning services you’d offer.  Think of “How they will affect your business”. At the same time, imagine how your business name will affect them? Now, narrow down the list of your names to ones that may show commitment, dedication or responsibility to these customers’ services.

Cleaning business names that are catchy will have the edge of spreading through the words of mouth, especially in families.

3. Consider Your Style

Your business name should reflect the personality behind it. Be creative as much as you can. Make sure that you can stand behind your cleaning service name represent.

Avoid words that may have negative meanings.

4. Consider Your Website

Online presence is important in promoting your business and it can help you get commercial cleaning contracts. Explore the availability of your domain. You can check the domain on Godaddy, or Namecheap if it is available or not.

Don’t panic if your favorite cleaning business name domain isn’t available. You can add descriptive words or can use a hyphen in between the words.

5. Hold a Brainstorming Session

Sometimes, you create a list of your favorite names and get stuck in picking one from it. In this case, get help from your family and friends. Not only you get your problem solved but also make them happy giving them a feeling that you value their suggestions. In addition to this, they will help you in promoting your business and may suggest cleaning business plan that you’d like.

Bottom Line

If you come up with a name that is truly unique, catchy and distinct; your business is likely to stand out there – long before potential customers even use your services.

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