200 Creative Camping Club Names That are Amazing

Camping can be a great experience, but it can also be really fun to hang out with friends while camping. Perhaps you all belong to a camping club? In this article, we will provide you with some Camping Club name ideas to get you started.

Whether your group is dedicated to the outdoors, loves animals, or just wants to have some fun, there is sure to be a Camping Club Name that fits your needs! There are so many different ways you can get clever camping club names.

To start, it’s important to decide what your group’s interests are. Some people like to be creative and come up with a great name for their club. Others want to stick with something simple and easy to use .

You can choose to be very creative and come up with a bunch of names that you think sound good, or you can stick to the basics and make it easy for your members.

Maybe you want to be a bit more specific and choose a name that is related to your location. For example, if your club is based in the desert, you can try out names like Desert Camps or Desert Cottages.

Or perhaps you want to stick with a more generic name that refers to your location.

It’s also important to decide on a theme for your club. This could be anything from a specific type of outdoor activity to a particular outdoor destination (like the Great Smoky Mountains).

You want to pick something that you’ll truly love and your members will remember. You don’t want to pick something that sounds good but is hard for others to remember.

For example, if you live in a small town and your members are spread out across the state, you may have a hard time getting everyone to remember that name for your club.

Camping Club Names

Cruise America

Camp Beiber Club

Blue Sheep Ranch

Expedition Traditions

Sky High

Trek To Nture

Money Creek

Second Horizons

Windy Relaxation

Path Finders

Tukwila Pond

Lodged in our Memory

Pen Pal Club

Team Canteen

A Walk in the Clouds

Winding Woods

Shout for Campout

Woods in Hoods

Summer Flame

Heartland Resort

Funny Country Club Names

The Great Outdoors


Fantastic Campfires

Escape Campervans

Pali Adventures

Nature’s Beauty

Lost River Camp

Great Outdoors

Bear Pause

A Point Tours

Fireside Fun

Sloppy Camp

West Canyon

Hotel Ocean View

Fort Worden

Life is a journey

Desserts Walk

Toasty Marshmallows

Slice of Heaven

Survival of the Fittest

Names Associated with Camping

Lookers Club

Moonlight Ridge

Phantom Lake

Enter the wild

Hard Rock Cafe

Sunflower Filed Trip

The Pathfinder

Rainbow Connection

Peaceful Mountains

Raquette Lake Camps

Fancy Colors!

Grandy Creek

Pleasant Valley

Cozy Campfire

Around the Fire

Nicknames for Couples

Points of View

River Side Blue Camp

Fire Up The Grill!

Bestie Base Camp

What are some good camping club names?

Thousand Trails

Local Paradise Club

Hikers Haven

S’more Camping

Trailhead Troop

Camp Pinehurst

Moon Shadow

The Tall Chief

Call of the Wild

Valley Ranch Camp

Recreation Matrix

Childhood Memories

Caravan Outfitter

Bear Lodge

Moonlight Madness

Starlight, Star Bright

Tripp Lake Camp


Olympia Camp

Under the stars

Catchy Camp Names

The Lake Camps

Atlantic Relocation

Rawhide Ranch

Back to Nature

Burnt Marshmallows

Coastal Villa

South Hill Propane

Kia Campground

Nature’s Call

Lake Pleasant

Prestige Pines

Rolling Thunder

Base Camp


Indian Lakes Club

Sammamish Valley

Camp Northway

Heart O’ the Hills

Nature Boy/Girl

Tiger’s Nest

Camping Club Names

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How to Name a Camping Club

If you’re looking for a way to name your club, think about what sort of activities people will be doing when you organize trips.

Are these any outdoor activities that the members of your club have experience with? If so, use those names as the basis for your club name.

Here we enlist few thinks to consider before choosing camping club names:

1.     Be creative: Try to pick realistic theme

People have fun when they are given a chance to make use of their creativity. You can also surprise your family and friends by picking a name that sounds funny or creative. People have fun when they are given a chance to make use of their creativity.

Rainbow Adventures

Lost Art of Summer

Town Escapists

Back to the Basics

Sky Blue Camp

A Call of the Wild

Camp Timber Lake

Lazy Pines Lodge

King County Water

Fay Bainbridge

S’More Good Times


O’Leno & River Rise

Home Away from Home

Point X Camp

2.     Make sure to pick a name that represents your club well

You can pick a name that is related to something you do as part of your club activities. Using a name that relates to your club’s activities would definitely help in building camaraderie within the club.

A Camping Guide

Wonder Lake

Study The Ocean

A Hiking we will go!

Outdoor Adventure

American Heritage

Fire Hearted Resort

Summer House

Camp Unity

Calling All Campers

Wanderer’s Sanctuary

Barbecue Campers

Midnight Memories

Bear Creek

Cougar Creek

3.     Be creative: Names can be funny, clever, or descriptive

Try to think of a name that is clever and creative. Avoid using street names as name for your club Members will have a hard time pronouncing or remembering the street names so try not to use them.

Study The Dessert

Simple Pleasures

Burnt Offerings

Point O’Pines

The Captain

Green Paradise

S’more Camping Fun

St Sebastian River

Camp Lockdown

Let’s Go Camping

Cozy Sunny Cabin

Everglades National

Happy Camper

Sunshine Retreat

On the Trial

4.     Brainstorm a list of potential names

A good place to start is brainstorming a list of possible names. Use your creativity and imagination to come up with a name that best represents your club.

Winter Collective

Kamp Woody

The Quest


Gliding Hotel

Happy Campout

Outdoor Fun

S’More Camping

Roughing It

Trusted Trekkers

West Palm Beach

Cabin Fever

Happy Campers

River Ranch

New Beginnings

5.     Avoid cutesy names

Cute or cutesy names will not necessarily make the club more fun. Avoid using names that are already in use in your community as mentioned before, members may have a hard time with certain street names and may not be able to pronounce them.

Candid Camping

Communing with Nature

Buckler River

Down Home Den

Bright Clouds Camp

Snow White Camp

Nature Center

Moon River

Seas the Day

Camping Capers

Red Arrow Camp

Oar the Rainbow

Overnight Camp

College Hunks

Peace Vans


In conclusion, camping club names can be a lot of fun, but they also need to be meaningful and represent the group well.

There are a lot of great options to choose from, and with a little bit of thought, any group can come up with a name that they can be proud of. So get out there and start camping!

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