200 Fancy Brazilian Hotel Name Ideas

Looking to name your Brazilian hotel but don’t know where to start? There are a lot of things to consider when naming a hotel. Name recognition is important, but so is the appropriateness of the chosen name and how it is pronounced. In this article, we’ll go over the steps you need to take to pick a name that will help your hotel stand out from the crowd.

One of the best way to come up with Brazilian hotel names is to look at the Brazilian culture . It’s important to pick a name that reflects the country’s culture and history. For example, hotels in Rio de Janeiro often have names that translate to “River of Gold”. Another great way to pick a name is to think in terms of what the visitors will be doing. For example, if you’re looking for a hotel that guests can stay at while visiting the beaches of Rio, then it’s important to pick a name that reflects this. A great name for this type of hotel is “Beach Residence”. Brazil has a very rich and diverse cultural heritage, which is reflected in its language, food, music and art. It’s important to pick a name that reflects this.

Another thing that you’ll need to consider when picking a name is the region of Brazil in which you’re going to be operating. For example, if you’re looking for a hotel that operates in the state of Rio de Janeiro, then it’s important to pick a name that reflects this. Try to pick something that stick ‘s out in the minds of your guests, and something that makes your hotel stand out from the rest.

Brazilian Hotel Name Ideas

  • Paradiso Pero Praia Hotel
  • Sol Ipanema Hotel
  • PortoBay Rio Internacional
  • Windsor Marapendi
  • Fasano São Paulo
  • Top of Form
  • Grilled Essential Steak
  • Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro
  • Blissview Hotel
  • The Steak Mountain
  • InterContinental Sao Paulo
  • Les Jardins de Rio
  • Hotel Ponta Verde Maceio
  • Da Lapa Design Hotel
  • Mar Ipanema Hotel
  • Big Steak
  • Nadai Confort Hotel & SPA
  • The Maze Rio
  • Vila Olaria Hotel
  • Barley Goat

Luxury Hotel Names

  • Bistro Café
  • Hotel Agora
  • Novotel Sao Paulo Morumbi
  • Gran Mareiro Hotel
  • On The Road
  • Century Hotel
  • Succulent Bar-B-Que
  • Vision Hplus Express+
  • Haute Rib
  • Cloak Fancy
  • Black Corner
  • Starlight Motel
  • Brooklyn Hotel
  • Xales de Maracaipe Pousada
  • Natal Dunnas Hotel
  • Le Pizza Place
  • Cafe Singles Rumps
  • Galaxy Motel
  • Hotel Emiliano
  • Grill Hickory Wild

Fictional Hotel Names

  • Belmond Copacabana Palace
  • Novotel Curitiba Batel
  • Luxury Living
  • The  BBQ Kitchen
  • Athos Bulcao Hplus Executive
  • Eat you can
  • Beach House Ipanema
  • Casa Turquesa
  • Janeiro
  • Santa Teresa Hotel RJ MGallery
  • Ipanema Inn
  • Arena Leme Hotel
  • 1st Cookhouse Scarpetta
  • Unique Garden Hotel & Spa
  • La Suite by Dussol
  • Ouro Minas Palace Hotel
  • Hello Hotel
  • Spotlight Motel
  • Hot Brazil

What are some good Brazilian hotel name ideas?

  • Hotel Luzeiros Sao Luis
  • UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa
  • Castro’s Park Hotel
  • Yard Perdido
  • Chophouse Fowl
  • Candle Drinks
  • Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro
  • Quality Hotel & Suites Brasilia
  • Botanique
  • Vila Galé Rio de Janeiro
  • Bayside B&B
  • Gaia Comfort Hostel
  • Pousada Capim Santo
  • Flying Prime House
  • Chow Chop Seeker
  • Thai BBQ Experience
  • Samoa Beach Resort
  • L’Hotel Porto Bay São Paulo
  • Pousada Picinguaba
  • Hotel Guest Urban

Brazilian Restaurant Names

  • Quaint Motel
  • LSH Hotel
  • Excellent Brazil
  • Rose Petals Inn
  • Hotel Arpoador
  • Pousada Caminho do Sol
  • Budget Motel
  • Hotel Casarão da Amazonia
  • Mojito Hostel Ipanema
  • Serene Stay
  • Hotel Fioreze Quero Quero
  • Pousada Toca da Coruja
  • El Dorado Hotels
  • All Cucina
  • Golden Tulip Ipanema Plaza
  • Hotel Da Viva
  • China Bear’s House
  • Casa Amarelo
  • Hotel Sizzle
  • Amuser Suites
Brazilian Hotel Name Ideas

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How to Pick a Brazilian Hotel Name Ideas

You might look at a few of the following names and think that they’re perfect for your hotel in Brazil. However, before you rush to pick one of these names, you should consider the following points: Some of these names may be too long or complex for use in Brazil.

Here we enlist few tips to pick a perfect Brazilian hotel name ideas:

1.     Use your imagination: Unique and catchy names for your Brazilian hotel

Be creative with your hotel name. The name you select can be seen by people who search for hotels in Brazil, or those searching the web for information on your destination.

  • Tartine Catered
  • Injoy Design Hostel
  • Taroba Hotel
  • DPNY Beach Hotel & Spa
  • Steak Cattlemen’s Chic
  • Maceio Atlantic Suites
  • Feel Bistro
  • Roadside Motel
  • Hotel Terra Brasil
  • Pousada Luis XV
  • Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro
  • Tivoli Mofarrej – São Paulo
  • Fiddler’s Restaurant
  • Kindred Macchina
  • Brick Clocktower

2.     Pick a name that will stick in the minds of your guests

The key to picking a Brazilian hotel name is to pick something that your guests will remember. Try to pick something that sticks out from the rest, and something that makes your hotel stand out from the rest.

  • Cut Du Wagon
  • Bottom of Form
  • Quality Hotel Aracaju
  • The Corner Motel
  • Maison VG
  • Bubby’s Rustica Out
  • Selina Lapa Rio de Janeiro
  • NH Curitiba the Five
  • Spaghetti Estiatorio
  • Park Hotel
  • Fazenda Catuçaba
  • Hotel Ca’d’Oro
  • The Lounge
  • Malibu Motel
  • Comfort B&B

3.     Stay away from names that are too common or similar

It is best to pick a name that is not very popular with the majority of other hotel names in Brazil, as this will make your own hotel stand out.

  • Always Welcome
  • Kobe Hawaiian
  • Radisson Recife
  • Le Paxa
  • Golden Bills
  • Public Burger
  • Hotel Laghetto Stilo Barra Rio
  • Hotel Unique
  • Grand Hyatt Rio de Janeiro
  • 021 Hostel
  • Bourbon Atibaia Resort
  • Piccola Restaurant
  • Best Western Premier Maceio
  • Motel On Main
  • Pousada do Boqueirão

4.     Choose the perfect name to suit your destination

The name of your ideal hotel should be something that will offer your guests a unique experience. You may want to consider using words that are synonymous with the country, like Brazil or Rio, on your Brazilian hotel name.

  • Mama Ruisa
  • Don The Mash
  • InterCity Led Aguas Claras
  • Villa 25 Hostel & Suites
  • Intercity Manaus
  • Field Bird Olmsted
  • Steak View
  • Peking Filet Door
  • Proga Vivid Inn
  • Praia Ipanema Hotel
  • Discount Motel
  • Five Star B&B
  • Indian Dolce Perfection
  • Big Halal Brazil
  • Acqua Suites

5.     Use Portuguese words whenever possible

It is best to use Portuguese words in your hotel name. This will make your hotel name different from all other hotel names in Brazil. Use the correct spelling of words As with most names, it is important to use the correct spelling of the name.

  • Hotel Deville Prime Salvador
  • West Isle Hotels
  • Capital Garden House
  • The Four Den
  • TuAkAzA
  • Luxus Hotels
  • Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa
  • Quality Hotels
  • Belmond Hotel das Cataratas
  • Hotel Manaira
  • Pestana Rio Atlantica
  • Sparta Grill
  • Palácio Tangará.
  • Piccola Bar-B-Que
  • Hillside Hotel


In conclusion, there are many Brazilian hotel name ideas to choose from. Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern name, there is a perfect option for you. Be sure to choose a name that reflects your hotel’s personality and style. As always, thanks for reading!

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