100 Famous Brand Slogans, Sayings, and Phrases

Coming up with a compelling slogan demands that you pack a punch with only a few words. It should be simple, memorable, and powerful. Most importantly, it should communicate a message that resonates deeply with audience.

I mention some great brand slogans to help you. But before diving in, let’s first look at some best slogan examples.

These are some of the best examples of catchy slogans that will inspire your ideas:

  • Apple – Think Different
  • Nike – Just Do It
  • McDonalds – I’m Lovin’ It
  • Coca-Cola – Happiness is Real
  • Google – Don’t Be Evil
  • Microsoft – Life Is Good
  • Facebook – It’s quick and easy
  • Twitter – What Happens On The Internet Stays On The Internet
  • Virgin Airlines – No Fear
  • Starbucks – You Get What You Give
  • Zappos – Delivering Happiness
  • Whole Foods Market – Eat Food. Drink Better.
  • Southwest Airlines – “The Spirit Of Adventure”
  • American Express – Because We Care
  • Target – Always Low Prices Everyday
  • United States Postal Service – Forever Stampin’ Out Junk Mail
  • Nordstrom – Buy More, Save More
  • Urban Outfitters – Anything Can Be Art

Inspiring, right? Now, let us look at some brand slogans:

  • Think Different.
  • The Ultimate Driving Machine
  • Challenge everything
  • Red Bull gives you wings
  • Go Further
  • Imagination at Work.
  • Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands
  • Betcha Cant Eat Just One.
  • What’s in your wallet?
  • You’re in good hands
  • The Best a Man Can Get
  • A Diamond Is Forever
  • Obey your thirst
  • Tastes So Good, Cats Ask for It By Name
  • Eat Mor Chikin
  • Think Big
  • Open happiness
  • Democracy Dies in Darkness
  • Taste the rainbow
  • Shave Time. Shave Money.

Brand Slogans             

  • Every Little Helps
  • Quality never goes out of style.
  • All the News That’s Fit to Print
  • Have it your way
  • We try harder
  • Have a break. Have a KitKat.
  • Can you hear me now?
  • The Quicker Picker Upper
  • Breakfast of Champions
  • Everywhere you want to be
  • Live in your world. Play in ours.
  • Diamonds are forever
  • Easy, breezy, beautiful…
brand slogans

What are some catchy brand phrases?

  • Think Outside the Bun
  • Think Different
  • We Help the World Grow the Food It Needs
  • Advancement Through Technology
  • The snack that smiles back
  • The Happiest Place on Earth
  • Belong Anywhere
  • King of Beers
  • All the News Thats Fit to Print
  • Betcha can’t eat just one
  • Don’t leave home without it
  • Impossible is Nothing
  • What happens here, stays here
  • Gotta catch ’em all!
  • Every kiss begins with Kay
  • Because you’re worth it
  • Fly the friendly skies

Brand Sayings

  • Snap! Crackle! Pop!
  • Nothing runs like a Deere
  • Good to the last drop.
  • Save money. Live better.
  • It’s finger-lickin’ good
  • The Few. The Proud. The Marines
  • All for Freedom. Freedom for All.
  • Let’s go places
  • Designed for Driving Pleasure.
  • Pure Michigan
  • It keeps going, and going, and going…
  • America Runs on Dunkin
  • Because Youre Worth It.
brand sayings

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How To Come Up With A Catchy Slogan That Resonates Deeply With Audience

  1. Write down all the ideas that pop into your head.
  2. Once you have exhausted all the ideas, choose the ones that resonate deep within you and start developing them further.
  3. When you are done brainstorming, review the list of picked slogan ideas and pick out the ones that you like the most.
  4. Inspire your ideas from other brand related slogans.
  5. Choose 3–4 slogans from the list and develop them further.
  6. Choose the final brand slogan.


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