220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “SAT”

Are you in search of the best boy names that start with “SAT”? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of noteworthy names that are sure to stand out.

Whether you are expecting a little one or simply daydreaming about potential monikers, this article will provide you with a diverse range of options to consider.

From traditional and timeless names to more unique and modern choices, there is something for every taste and preference in this list.

Whether you are drawn to strong and masculine names or softer and more gentle ones, the names that start with “SAT” encompass a wide variety of styles and meanings.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the fascinating world of boy names that start with “SAT” and discover the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

Whether you are seeking inspiration or simply enjoy exploring the realm of baby names, this article is your guide to the best “SAT” names for boys.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SAT”

Saturnino – “of Saturn” (Spanish)

Santiago – “Saint James” (Spanish)

Santos – “saints” (Spanish)

Satyros – “satyr” (Greek)

Saturio – “satiated” (Spanish)

Satoru – “enlightened one” (Greek)

Satyam – “truth” (Greek)

Satinder – “lord of truth” (Greek)

Sathish – “leader of truth” (Greek)

Sathvik – “pure” (Greek)

Satrio – “warrior” (Hebrew)

Saturnin – “of Saturn” (Hebrew)

Saturninus – “of Saturn” (Hebrew)

Saturnio – “of Saturn” (Hebrew)

Saturos – “satiated” (Greek)

Satyadev – “god of truth” (Hebrew)

Satyamurthy – “truthful and eternal” (Hebrew)

Satyavan – “possessing truth” (Hebrew)

Satyendra – “lord of truth” (Hebrew)

Satyesh – “lord of truth” (Greek)

Satyjit – “victory of truth” (Greek)

Satyendra – “truthful king” (Greek)

Satoru – “to know” (Greek)

Satwik – “pure” (Spanish)

Satria – “warrior” (Spanish)

Satyamurthy – “truthful and eternal” (Spanish)

Saturne – “of Saturn” (Spanish)

Saturninus – “of Saturn” (Spanish)

Saturno – “of Saturn” (Spanish)

Satyaki – “truthful” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "SAT"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “SAT”

Satchel – “bag or pouch” (English)

Satyen – “truthful” (Sanskrit)

Sathan – “protector” (English)

Satriani – “satiated” (Italian)

Satello – “satellite” (Italian)

Satyrion – “satyr” (Greek)

Satoris – “of Saturn” (Greek)

Satello – “satellite” (Spanish)

Satiar – “warrior” (English)

Satur – “satisfied” (Spanish)

Satyel – “truthful” (English)

Satorian – “of Saturn” (English)

Satvik – “pure” (English)

Satharn – “of Saturn” (English)

Satyrian – “warrior” (Greek)

Satron – “protector” (English)

Sathian – “truthful” (English)

Satineo – “satisfied” (Spanish)

Saturneau – “of Saturn” (French)

Satos – “of Saturn” (Greek)

Satis – “satisfied” (Spanish)

Satoran – “of Saturn” (Spanish)

Sathariel – “angel of protection” (Greek)

Satiniano – “of Saturn” (Spanish)

Satriano – “satiated” (Spanish)

Sateo – “satisfied” (Spanish)

Satik – “pure” (Spanish)

Satrido – “protector” (Spanish)

Saturino – “of Saturn” (Spanish)

Satyell – “truthful” (English)

Unique “SAT” Names for Boys

Satram – “divine protector” (Sanskrit)

Satronel – “guardian of truth” (English)

Satinos – “wise” (Greek)

Satorico – “of Saturn” (Spanish)

Satyrius – “satyr-like” (Greek)

Saturnius – “son of Saturn” (Latin)

Satellis – “companion” (English)

Satindo – “truthful leader” (Spanish)

Satisco – “satisfied” (Spanish)

Satalio – “guardian of the stars” (Greek)

Satimo – “wise protector” (Spanish)

Saturo – “satisfied” (Italian)

Satriton – “protector of truth” (English)

Satureo – “abundance” (Spanish)

Satykon – “truthful companion” (Greek)

Satellan – “guardian” (English)

Satisios – “satisfied” (Greek)

Sativus – “cultivated” (Latin)

Satyvan – “devoted to truth” (English)

Saturoso – “satisfied” (Spanish)

Sattos – “wise protector” (Greek)

Saturnelio – “of Saturn” (Spanish)

Satyxis – “truthful strength” (Greek)

Satrisco – “to protect” (Spanish)

Sateon – “guardian” (English)

Satisios – “satisfied” (Spanish)

Satylus – “protector of truth” (Greek)

Satoriko – “of Saturn” (Japanese)

Satelliano – “companion” (Spanish)

Saturov – “satisfied” (Russian)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SAT”

Satchell – “satchel bearer” (English)

Saturio – “satisfied” (Spanish)

Satoris – “wise one” (Greek)

Saturneño – “of Saturn” (Spanish)

Satyrosius – “like a satyr” (Greek)

Satvikas – “pure” (Sanskrit)

Satonian – “of Saturn” (English)

Saturiano – “satisfied” (Spanish)

Satrion – “timeless” (English)

Satiko – “wise child” (Japanese)

Satyrico – “satyr-like” (Italian)

Saternal – “pertaining to Saturn” (English)

Satinderpal – “protected by truth” (Punjabi)

Saturianus – “of Saturn” (Latin)

Satosha – “eternal wisdom” (Japanese)

Satellys – “eternal companion” (English)

Satorito – “eternal guardian” (Japanese)

Satineco – “timeless satisfaction” (Spanish)

Sattar – “timeless” (Arabic)

Satyamaya – “eternally truthful” (Sanskrit)

Satyrien – “timeless strength” (Greek)

Satovar – “everlasting protector” (English)

Satellius – “eternal companion” (Latin)

Sathis – “eternal joy” (English)

Sathuro – “timeless satisfaction” (Spanish)

Saturin – “of Saturn” (French)

Satyadeep – “eternal light of truth” (Sanskrit)

Satierno – “of Saturn” (Italian)

Satyit – “timeless truth” (Sanskrit)

Satevos – “everlasting” (Armenian)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SAT”

Satou – “wisdom” (Japanese)

Satara – “eternal ruler” (Persian)

Satyadeva – “divine truth” (Sanskrit)

Sattar – “covering” (Arabic)

Sathian – “peaceful” (Thai)

Satinderjeet – “victorious truth” (Punjabi)

Satyak – “honest” (Hindi)

Satarnil – “gift of Saturn” (Bengali)

Satishka – “ruler of truth” (Russian)

Saturovich – “son of Saturn” (Russian)

Satyendra – “lord of truth” (Nepali)

Satsuma – “wise and intelligent” (Japanese)

Satour – “prince” (Armenian)

Satriadi – “eternal warrior” (Indonesian)

Satyeshwar – “lord of truth” (Nepali)

Sattva – “goodness” (Sanskrit)

Saturnino – “little Saturn” (Italian)

Satvikan – “truthful” (Tamil)

Satyapriya – “lover of truth” (Sanskrit)

Satore – “eternal” (Italian)

Satsuma – “wise” (Japanese)

Satreya – “noble truth” (Sanskrit)

Satyabodh – “knowledge of truth” (Sanskrit)

Satyaki – “follower of truth” (Sanskrit)

Satyaraj – “king of truth” (Hindi)

Satyasheel – “truthful” (Marathi)

Satyavrat – “devoted to truth” (Hindi)

Satyender – “lord of truth” (Hindi)

Satyopam – “comparable to truth” (Sanskrit)

Sattarzadeh – “son of the veil” (Persian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SAT”

Saturn – “of Saturn” (English)

Satin – “smooth fabric” (English)

Sati – “truthful” (Sanskrit)

Satori – “sudden enlightenment” (Japanese)

Satine – “satisfied” (French)

Satya – “truth” (Sanskrit)

Sato – “wise one” (Japanese)

Satsuki – “moon of May” (Japanese)

Sattva – “goodness” (Sanskrit)

Sath – “truth” (Arabic)

Satinka – “sacred dancer” (Hopi)

Satira – “satirical” (Greek)

Satzuki – “moon of May” (Japanese)

Saten – “eternal” (Japanese)

Sathish – “leader of truth” (Tamil)

Sathi – “companion” (Bengali)

Saturo – “satisfied” (Italian)

Satris – “protector” (Arabic)

Satsuki – “moon” (Japanese)

Satyam – “truth” (Sanskrit)

Satyr – “mythical creature” (Greek)

Satira – “satirical” (Italian)

Satou – “wisdom” (Japanese)

Satyen – “truthful” (Sanskrit)

Satyo – “truthful” (Japanese)

Satzin – “rain” (Navajo)

Satir – “wise one” (Turkish)

Satyadev – “god of truth” (Sanskrit)

Satyak – “honest” (Hindi)

Satyav – “truthful” (Sanskrit)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SAT”

Satyarth – “meaning of truth” (Sanskrit)

Sathishwar – “lord of truth” (Hindi)

Saturnino – “devotee of Saturn” (Spanish)

Satyadev – “god of truth” (Sanskrit)

Saturos – “dedicated to Saturn” (Greek)

Satchit – “consciousness of truth” (Sanskrit)

Satvikendra – “lord of pure virtues” (Sanskrit)

Satyananda – “bliss of truth” (Sanskrit)

Satyadharma – “righteous truth” (Sanskrit)

Satyajit – “victorious truth” (Sanskrit)

Satyavrata – “dedicated to truth” (Sanskrit)

Saturne – “devotee of Saturn” (French)

Sattvamurti – “embodiment of goodness” (Sanskrit)

Satyenra – “king of truth” (Hindi)

Satyacharan – “follower of truth” (Sanskrit)

Satyro – “devotee of Satyrs” (Greek)

Satisharan – “sheltered by truth” (Hindi)

Satyadhara – “bearer of truth” (Sanskrit)

Satinello – “devotee of Saturn” (Italian)

Satrijit – “conqueror of truth” (Sanskrit)

Satyadeva – “god of truth” (Telugu)

Sathishan – “devotee of truth” (Tamil)

Satyabhan – “rays of truth” (Sanskrit)

Satyavrath – “dedicated to truth” (Hindi)

Satyamurti – “embodiment of truth” (Tamil)

Sathisaran – “sheltered by truth” (Tamil)

Satishan – “devotee of truth” (Telugu)

Satyapriya – “lover of truth” (Sanskrit)

Satyadarshi – “one with the vision of truth” (Sanskrit)

Satyadhar – “upholder of truth” (Hindi)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SAT”

Satya Nadella

CEO of Microsoft, visionary tech leader.

Satchel Paige

Baseball legend, Negro League and MLB pitcher.

Satyajit Ray

Iconic Indian filmmaker, received an Oscar for lifetime achievement.

Satinder Sartaaj

Punjabi singer, poet, and actor, acclaimed Sufi artist.

Saturnino Herrán

Mexican painter, known for historical and indigenous themes.

Satyendra Nath Bose

Indian physicist, collaborated with Einstein on Bose-Einstein statistics.

Satomi Ishihara

Japanese actress, model, and TV personality.

Satyajit Das

Australian author, renowned for works on finance and derivatives.


Norwegian black metal band formed in 1990.

Satya Pal Malik

Indian politician, served as Governor of Jammu and Kashmir.

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