220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “SAK”

Looking for a unique and standout name for your baby boy? Look no further than boy names that start with “SAK”! These names offer a distinctive flair that will set your son apart from the crowd.

With roots in various cultures and languages, “SAK” names bring a sense of mystery and charm to your child’s identity.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional names or more modern creations, there is a “SAK” name out there to suit every taste.

From the strong and masculine “Sakura” to the elegant and timeless “Sakari”, each name carries its own special meaning and symbolism.

If you want your son to make a statement right from the start, consider exploring the world of boy names that start with “SAK”.

Who knows, you may just find the perfect name that captures the essence of your little one!

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SAK”

Sakai – “border, boundary” (English)

Sakis – “from the blessed land” (Greek)

Sakarías – “God remembers” (Spanish)

Saketh – “lord krishna” (English)

Sakis – “he who supplants” (Greek)

Sakari – “sweet” (Spanish)

Sakarias – “God has remembered” (English)

Sakon – “helper” (Greek)

Sakiel – “God’s angel” (Spanish)

Sakib – “generous” (English)

Sakeri – “follower of Christ” (Greek)

Sakito – “protected by God” (Spanish)

Sakae – “prosperity” (English)

Sakinos – “from the sacred grove” (Greek)

Sakiel – “angel of the stars” (Spanish)

Sakson – “son of Saxon” (English)

Sakis – “descendant of Isaac” (Greek)

Sakito – “protected by God” (Spanish)

Sakarias – “God has remembered” (English)

Sakarias – “God remembers” (Greek)

Saketo – “peaceful” (Spanish)

Sakon – “to accompany, to follow” (English)

Sakellarios – “church official” (Greek)

Saky – “defender of men” (Spanish)

Sakin – “strong, mighty” (English)

Sakiros – “fierce, fiery” (Greek)

Sakti – “power, energy” (Spanish)

Sakwell – “from the spring by the well” (English)

Sakis – “gift of God” (Greek)

Sakyamuni – “sage of the Sakya clan” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "SAK"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “SAK”

Sakariel – “angel of the Lord” (English)

Saketo – “calm, serene” (Spanish)

Sakratos – “powerful ruler” (Greek)

Sakavian – “from the land of sakia” (English)

Sakid – “joyful” (Spanish)

Sakimedes – “wise counselor” (Greek)

Sakuron – “bringer of happiness” (English)

Sakalino – “bright sun” (Spanish)

Sakydoros – “gift of splendor” (Greek)

Sakaven – “one who excels” (English)

Sakio – “protector of the home” (Spanish)

Sakelios – “heavenly” (Greek)

Sakwinn – “winner, victor” (English)

Sakidoro – “golden child” (Spanish)

Sakynthos – “island of pleasure” (Greek)

Sakallen – “brave and noble” (English)

Sakoncio – “harmony, unity” (Spanish)

Sakimos – “honorable” (Greek)

Sakuron – “bearer of good fortune” (English)

Sakalvo – “strong protector” (Spanish)

Sakandros – “man of glory” (Greek)

Sakiran – “bright star” (English)

Sakilindo – “beautiful and graceful” (Spanish)

Sakirios – “from the land of light” (Greek)

Sakwellan – “from the spring by the well” (English)

Sakoristo – “most noble” (Spanish)

Sakimon – “wise protector” (Greek)

Sakaleno – “bright and shining” (English)

Sakure – “courageous” (Spanish)

Sakistos – “most esteemed” (Greek)

Unique “SAK” Names for Boys

Sakurin – “graceful cherry blossom” (English)

Sakodoro – “gift of wisdom” (Spanish)

Sakelion – “lion-hearted” (Greek)

Sakarius – “heavenly archer” (English)

Sakarino – “beloved one” (Spanish)

Sakathon – “brave warrior” (Greek)

Sakverin – “steadfast defender” (English)

Sakario – “blessed one” (Spanish)

Sakathos – “noble strength” (Greek)

Sakorian – “wise counselor” (English)

Sakudo – “determined leader” (Spanish)

Sakartos – “valiant and strong” (Greek)

Sakorian – “champion of the people” (English)

Sakaberto – “bright warrior” (Spanish)

Sakonos – “victorious conqueror” (Greek)

Sakavian – “adventurous traveler” (English)

Sakristo – “sacred one” (Spanish)

Sakadonis – “handsome and charming” (Greek)

Sakuro – “bringer of joy” (English)

Sakando – “bold and daring” (Spanish)

Sakyrus – “noble guardian” (Greek)

Sakuriel – “angelic messenger” (English)

Sakalio – “blessed with strength” (Spanish)

Sakandro – “defender of mankind” (Greek)

Sakiric – “kingly ruler” (English)

Sakilindo – “charming and graceful” (Spanish)

Sakastian – “revered one” (Greek)

Sakwinnick – “victorious conqueror” (English)

Sakusto – “exalted one” (Spanish)

Sakotis – “brave and courageous” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SAK”

Sakwell – “from the spring by the well” (English)

Sakarias – “God has remembered” (Spanish)

Sakiel – “angel of the stars” (Greek)

Sakari – “sweet” (English)

Sakid – “joyful” (Spanish)

Sakis – “descendant of Isaac” (Greek)

Sakon – “to accompany, to follow” (English)

Sakito – “protected by God” (Spanish)

Sakellarios – “church official” (Greek)

Sakuron – “bringer of happiness” (English)

Sakio – “protector of the home” (Spanish)

Sakitos – “follower of Christ” (Greek)

Sakallen – “brave and noble” (English)

Sakandro – “defender of mankind” (Spanish)

Sakistros – “one who wins” (Greek)

Sakyrus – “noble guardian” (English)

Sakimon – “wise protector” (Spanish)

Sakarios – “joyful, happy” (Greek)

Sakris – “son of the night” (English)

Sakuron – “bearer of good fortune” (Spanish)

Sakilos – “steady, stable” (Greek)

Sakwood – “from the forest of Sak” (English)

Sakino – “sacred, holy” (Spanish)

Sakander – “defender of mankind” (Greek)

Sakwellan – “from the spring by the well” (English)

Sakito – “protected by God” (Spanish)

Sakitos – “follower of Christ” (Greek)

Sakven – “blessed with victory” (English)

Sakario – “blessed one” (Spanish)

Sakyrus – “noble guardian” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SAK”

Sakae – “prosperity” (Japanese)

Sakorn – “happy, joyful” (Thai)

Saktan – “brave warrior” (Turkish)

Saket – “lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Saketh – “lord Rama” (Telugu)

Sakhr – “rock” (Arabic)

Sakul – “abundant” (Thai)

Sakuya – “blossoming night” (Japanese)

Sakis – “from the blessed land” (Greek)

Sakumi – “fortunate beauty” (Japanese)

Sakuto – “blossoming” (Japanese)

Sakuji – “auspicious second son” (Japanese)

Sakwan – “to flourish” (Thai)

Sakchai – “victorious” (Thai)

Sakuru – “to blossom” (Japanese)

Sakun – “to awaken” (Thai)

Sakyu – “sand castle” (Japanese)

Sakchai – “triumphant” (Thai)

Sakuto – “peaceful warrior” (Japanese)

Sakke – “God will judge” (Finnish)

Sakib – “generous” (Arabic)

Sakuya – “the bright night” (Japanese)

Saket – “place of pilgrimage” (Sanskrit)

Sakyo – “great generation” (Japanese)

Sakaar – “one who gives glory” (Hindi)

Sakhi – “companion” (Hindi)

Saksham – “competent” (Hindi)

Sakul – “full of abundance” (Thai)

Sakul – “full moon” (Thai)

Sakai – “border, boundary” (Japanese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SAK”

Sakari – “sweet” (English)

Sakin – “beloved” (Spanish)

Sakis – “descendant of Isaac” (Greek)

Sakima – “chief” (English)

Sakito – “protected by God” (Spanish)

Sakis – “he who supplants” (Greek)

Sakana – “fish” (English)

Sakito – “peaceful” (Spanish)

Sakis – “gift of God” (Greek)

Sakari – “from the sacred grove” (English)

Sakito – “God’s messenger” (Spanish)

Sakis – “he who laughs” (Greek)

Saku – “the world” (English)

Sakito – “little saint” (Spanish)

Sakis – “bringer of joy” (Greek)

Saku – “sacred vessel” (English)

Sakuro – “blossoming” (Spanish)

Sakis – “follower of Christ” (Greek)

Sake – “blossom” (English)

Sakuro – “peaceful” (Spanish)

Sako – “child of happiness” (Greek)

Sakai – “boundary” (English)

Sakura – “cherry blossom” (Spanish)

Saki – “friend” (Greek)

Sakima – “king” (English)

Sakai – “to accompany, to follow” (Spanish)

Saki – “hope” (Greek)

Sakian – “from the land of sakia” (English)

Sakira – “graceful” (Spanish)

Sakos – “defender of men” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SAK”

Sakarias – “God has remembered” (English)

Sakiel – “angel of the stars” (Greek)

Sakarias – “God remembers” (Spanish)

Sakson – “son of Saxon” (English)

Sakarias – “God has remembered” (Greek)

Sakito – “protected by God” (Spanish)

Sakimedes – “wise counselor sent by God” (English)

Sakaris – “grace of God” (Greek)

Sakiel – “God’s angel” (Spanish)

Sakae – “prosperity given by God” (English)

Sakratios – “sacred and divine” (Greek)

Sakarías – “God has remembered” (Spanish)

Sakwell – “protected by God’s grace” (English)

Sakarios – “one who belongs to God” (Greek)

Sakariel – “angelic messenger of God” (Spanish)

Sakae – “blessing from God” (English)

Sakairos – “chosen by God” (Greek)

Sakario – “blessed by God” (Spanish)

Sakuran – “graceful gift from God” (English)

Sakarion – “holy offering to God” (Greek)

Sakristo – “sacred servant of God” (Spanish)

Sakuto – “guided by God” (English)

Sakaristos – “most holy, blessed by God” (Greek)

Sakusto – “chosen by divine will” (Spanish)

Sakander – “defender of the faith” (English)

Sakarios – “devoted servant of God” (Greek)

Sakos – “follower of Christ” (Spanish)

Sakurai – “warrior for God” (English)

Sakaristos – “most holy, blessed by God” (Greek)

Sakristan – “servant of the church” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SAK”

Sakari Momoi

Japanese supercentenarian who was verified as the world’s oldest living man at the time of his death in 2015 at the age of 112.

Sakari Orava

Finnish orthopedic surgeon known for performing surgeries on numerous high-profile athletes, including soccer star David Beckham.

Sakae Menda

Japanese man who was wrongfully imprisoned for 34 years before being exonerated in 1983, becoming a symbol of miscarriages of justice in Japan.

Sakari Oramo

Finnish conductor known for his work as the Chief Conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and his interpretations of Nordic composers.

Sakari Kuosmanen

Finnish actor and musician best known for his roles in Finnish films and television series, as well as his contributions to the music scene.

Sakis Rouvas

Greek singer, actor, and television presenter who has achieved widespread fame in Greece and internationally for his music and entertainment career.

Sakurai Sho

Japanese idol, singer, actor, and member of the boy band Arashi, who has also gained recognition as a television host and personality.

Sakari Mattila

Finnish ice hockey player who played professionally in Europe and North America, known for his skill as a defenseman.

Sakina Jaffrey

American actress known for her roles in television series such as “House of Cards” and “Timeless,” as well as her work in theater and film.

Sakurako Ohara

Japanese singer-songwriter and actress known for her versatile talents and chart-topping hits in the J-pop music industry.

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