220 Adorable Boy Names That Start With S

If you’re looking for boy names that start with S, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite boy names that start with S include:


























Boy Names That Start With S

Some of the awesome boy names are Seymour, Sander, Stetson, Satyak, Sherman.

Saturn – “Roman God of agriculture”

Steven – “Crown”

Samar – “Reward, fruit’

Shane – “God is gracious”

Somdev – “The moon God”

Sharvin – “Brave; handsome”

Silos – “Of the forest”

Sherwood – “from the bright forest”

Sam – “told by God”

Shaurya – “Bravery”

Sincere – “Honest”

Silas – “forest, woods”

Savion – “Savior”

Smith – “blacksmith”

Steven – “Garland, crown”

Sarup – “Beautiful”

Saif – “Sword”

Shiloh – “Peaceful one”

Swinton – “Swine settlement”

Santino – “Little saint”

Santino – “little saint”

Saint – “sacred, holy”

Sol – “sun”

Sujit – “Victory”

Shmit – “Ever-smiling”

Sylvester – “Wild, woodland”

Sabin – “From the Sabines”

Shay – “Shea Hawk-like, gift”

Sigmond – “Victorious protector”

Sagan – “Wise one”

What are a cool name that starts with S?

Some of the cool boy names are Saleh, Stefano, Shlomo, Shannon, Sonny. 

Simon – “the listener”

Stefan – “garland, crown”

Silas – “Man of the forest”

Soren – “Strict, serious’

Shreyas – “Good”

Santana – “holy”

Shawn – “God is gracious”

Sherlock – “fairhaired or blonde”

Samuel – “told by God”

Skipper – “Sea captain”

Scottie – “from Scotland”

Stone – “Stone”

Sammy – “God heard”

Salman – “security, safety”

Sutton – “South enclosure or settlement”

Stu – “steward”

Sidney – “Wide meadow”

Sky – “Cloud, scholar”

Sam – “God has heard”

Sujay – “Winner”

Salvatore – “saviour”

Stanley – “Stone wood, clearing”

Solomon – “Man of peace”

Sabin – “the son of Sabine”

Sammy – “God has heard”

Slater – “hewer of slates”

Solomon – “peace”

Salmon – “peace”

Santiago – “Saint James”

Saunak – “Golden”

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Cute Boy Names That Start With S

Some of the cute boy names are Sarath, Spence, Squire, Santana, Shai.

Seth – “appointed, placed”

Sparrow – “Small bird”

Shumant – “Wise”

Shae – “admirable”

Shaun – “God is gracious”

Saintis – “All Saint’s Day”

Shrujay – “An auspicious victory”

Sherman – “Shearer of woolen garments”

Sutton – “from the southern homestead”

Selim – “Undamaged”

Suvidh – “Kind and learned man”

Slade – “Valley, dale”

Shoban – “Handsome”

Shepherd – “Sheep herdsman or guardian”

Sincere – “honest”

Sudhit – “Kind”

Samuel – “God heard”

Sahit – “Bounded”

Selahboulder – “or cliff”

Sarthak – “Success; achievement”

Sabastian – “Revered”

Stan – “stony meadow”

Stig – “voyager”

Soren – “stern”

Sire – “Kingly, regal”

Spencer – “Steward”

Steve – “Crown”

Scott – “painted warrior”

Samraj – “Universal ruler”

Sajan – “Beloved; friend”

What are the best names of S letter?

Some of the best boy names are Safapure, Sampson, Sewell, Suhith, Sabu.

Sevan – “Name of a lake”

Sansith – “Winner”

Salvatore – “Savior”

Sacha – “Defender”

Samarth – “Powerful”

Sihag – “Sword”

Safal – “Succeed; fruitful”

Savit – “Sun”

Stanley – “near the stony clearing”

Storm – “storm”

Sahaj – “Natural; original”

Skip – “Sea captain”

Sudhang – “Moon”

Samarth – “Powerful”

Sumay – “Wise”

Sage – “wise and knowing”

Siddharth – “One who has achieved all wishes”

Sullivan – “blackeyed one”

Salvador – “saviour”

Shia – “Followers, sect”

Scott – “Person from Scotland”

Simon – “Listen”

Suhan – “Good-looking”

Sven – “youth”

Sijin – “Precious”

Slim – “slender”

Starwin – “star”

Simpson – “son of Simon”

Samen – “Happy”

Sudheet – “Kind”

Boy Names That Start With S

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What are unique S names?

Some of the unique boy names are Seal, Stephen, Santos, Sagar.

Seven – “Completion and perfection”

Shaan – “Peaceful”

Sid – “Wide meadow”

Sijoy – “Happy”

Scotty – “From Scotland”

Siju – “Love; beauty”

Sawan – “Monsoon”

Shlomo – “peace”

Sterling – “of the highest quality”

Seamus – “One who supplants”

Suman – “One who has a good heart”

Sarith – “Friendly”

Sisil – “shooting star”

Sebastian – “from Sebastia”

Smith – “To smite”

Sheldon – “Town in the valley”

Shepherd – “sheep herdsman”

Simmonds – “son of Simon”

Seamus – “supplanter”

Spencer – “house of steward”

Secondo – “Second son”

Sabir – “patient”

Simeon – “God has heard”

Seth – “Anointed”

Sid – “Wide meadow”

Sully – “to stain”

Skyker – “scholar, learned one”

Skipper – “captain”

Santiago – “St James”

Skyler – “Little warrior”


There are many great boy names that start with the letter S. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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