220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “PRO”

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “PRO” and delve into their meanings and origins.

So if you’re on the hunt for a name that exudes strength and individuality, keep reading to discover some fantastic options for your little one. 

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a big decision, and if you’re looking for a unique and strong name, “PRO” might just be the perfect starting point.

With its bold and striking sound, names that start with “PRO” are sure to make a statement.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional names or prefer something more modern and trendy, there are plenty of options to consider.

From traditional favorites like “Proctor” and “Prosper” to more contemporary choices like “Prophet” and “Prometheus,” there is no shortage of handsome and meaningful options to choose from.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best boy names that start with “PRO” and delve into their origins and meanings.

Whether you’re looking for a name that exudes strength and power or one that carries a unique and distinctive flair, there’s a “PRO” name out there for every taste and style. 

Popular Boy Names That Start with “PRO”

Proctor – “steward” (English)

Prometheus – “forethought” (Greek)

Prospero – “fortunate, successful” (Latin)

Prokopios – “advancing, progressing” (Greek)

Prodigio – “prodigy, wonder” (Spanish)

Prokopis – “progressive” (Greek)

Prophet – “one who speaks for a deity” (English)

Procopio – “progressive, advancing” (Spanish)

Prokhor – “encouragement” (Greek)

Proceso – “process, progress” (Spanish)

Protagoras – “first-born” (Greek)

Procopius – “progressive, advancing” (English)

Progreso – “progress” (Spanish)

Prokop – “advancing, progressing” (Greek)

Proximo – “next, closest” (Spanish)

Providence – “divine guidance or care” (English)

Prokopis – “progressive” (Greek)

Procopio – “progressive, advancing” (Italian)

Prosper – “successful, fortunate” (English)

Proteo – “firstborn” (Greek)

Prodigy – “exceptional talent or ability” (English)

Proklos – “glory, fame” (Greek)

Provençal – “from Provence” (Spanish)

Procopius – “progressive, advancing” (Latin)

Prokopios – “progressive” (Greek)

Progreso – “progress” (Italian)

Prometheus – “forethought” (Spanish)

Proton – “first” (Greek)

Prokopios – “progressive” (Italian)

Provenzano – “from Provence” (Italian)

Boy Names That Start with "PRO"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “PRO”

Proven – “approved, confirmed” (English)

Protonio – “energetic, lively” (Spanish)

Prometho – “innovative thinker” (Greek)

Prodigal – “recklessly extravagant” (English)

Profundo – “deep, profound” (Spanish)

Prokaryo – “advanced, evolved” (Greek)

Proxima – “next in line” (English)

Prometeo – “forethinker” (Spanish)

Prokles – “glorious, illustrious” (Greek)

Prologue – “introductory statement” (English)

Proceso – “sequential progress” (Spanish)

Proficio – “to make progress” (Latin)

Prominente – “prominent, notable” (Spanish)

Prothymos – “enthusiastic” (Greek)

Prodigio – “prodigy, marvel” (Spanish)

Promax – “maximum progress” (English)

Profundo – “deep, profound” (Italian)

Prothymios – “optimistic” (Greek)

Prodigio – “prodigious talent” (Italian)

Protonico – “vibrant, lively” (Spanish)

Proximus – “nearest, closest” (Latin)

Prodigy – “extraordinary talent” (Italian)

Profano – “unconventional, secular” (Spanish)

Prothumos – “enthusiastic” (Greek)

Propelio – “to drive forward” (Latin)

Pronexo – “forward-thinking” (Spanish)

Provenzo – “confirmed, approved” (Italian)

Prodigioso – “extraordinarily talented” (Spanish)

Prokto – “progressive” (Greek)

Proventus – “advancement, progress” (Latin)

Unique “PRO” Names for Boys

Prozephyr – “progressive breeze” (English)

Promaris – “sea of progress” (Greek)

Providor – “provider of blessings” (English)

Prolixo – “extended, prolonged” (Spanish)

Prodigon – “genius, exceptional” (English)

Procalo – “bold progress” (Spanish)

Prothanasios – “everlasting progress” (Greek)

Progenius – “progressive genius” (English)

Procellus – “swift progress” (Latin)

Proventus – “advancement, progress” (Spanish)

Proelius – “warrior, fighter” (Latin)

Prothoros – “courageous progress” (Greek)

Proxen – “forward-thinker” (English)

Proclivus – “inclined to progress” (Latin)

Prodigalis – “exceptional talent” (Spanish)

Propelios – “driven forward” (Greek)

Prowise – “wisdom in progress” (English)

Prodigior – “remarkable, extraordinary” (Latin)

Provençalito – “little one from Provence” (Spanish)

Prospathos – “aspiring, striving” (Greek)

Prokairos – “opportune progress” (English)

Proficio – “to make progress” (Italian)

Prorico – “rich in progress” (Spanish)

Protiagos – “firstborn, leader” (Greek)

Proximum – “next, closest” (Latin)

Promundo – “world of progress” (Spanish)

Prodyno – “to prevail, excel” (Greek)

Profoundor – “deep thinker, profound” (English)

Protonico – “energetic, lively” (Italian)

Proesio – “forward, onward” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “PRO”

Prothero – “strong and steadfast” (English)

Prokopios – “progressive, advancing” (Greek)

Provincio – “from the province” (Spanish)

Prontis – “ready, prepared” (Greek)

Prodigius – “extraordinary, exceptional” (English)

Proximaño – “next year” (Spanish)

Propontis – “before the sea” (Greek)

Provelio – “to set forth, start” (Latin)

Proclarius – “clear and prominent” (English)

Prodigioso – “prodigious, marvelous” (Spanish)

Prophanos – “manifest, evident” (Greek)

Provenzano – “from Provence” (Italian)

Profundus – “deep, profound” (Latin)

Prometeus – “forethinker” (Greek)

Procellario – “stormy, turbulent” (Spanish)

Proselios – “facing the sun” (Greek)

Prodigar – “to lavish, bestow generously” (Spanish)

Proterius – “preceding, former” (Latin)

Protonikos – “first-born” (Greek)

Proventius – “productive, fruitful” (English)

Prospicio – “to look ahead, foresee” (Latin)

Prodromo – “forerunner, precursor” (Greek)

Proximo – “nearest, closest” (Spanish)

Procellius – “pertaining to storms” (Latin)

Prothymios – “optimistic, enthusiastic” (Greek)

Provisio – “foresight, provision” (Latin)

Prokhoros – “encouragement” (Greek)

Prolethos – “foreseen, predicted” (English)

Proclive – “inclined, disposed” (Latin)

Prothros – “first, initial” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “PRO”

Prontu – “intelligent” (Sardinian)

Prosvet – “light, brightness” (Serbian)

Proinsias – “Frenchman” (Irish)

Prokofy – “progressive” (Russian)

Procopiu – “progressive” (Romanian)

Prokopios – “advancing, progressing” (Greek)

Prohaska – “winter wind” (Czech)

Prochorus – “leader, overseer” (Ukrainian)

Protas – “first, initial” (Belarusian)

Prorok – “prophet” (Polish)

Prokopiy – “progressive” (Ukrainian)

Prozenio – “wise, knowledgeable” (Esperanto)

Proietto – “thrown forward” (Italian)

Proksa – “vigilant” (Polish)

Proclus – “glory, fame” (Ancient Greek)

Prothero – “steady, steadfast” (Welsh)

Prokopios – “progressive” (Albanian)

Proinsias – “free man” (Irish)

Procopiu – “progressive” (Moldovan)

Pronay – “leader” (Hungarian)

Prosvet – “enlightened” (Bulgarian)

Procopius – “progressive” (Georgian)

Protas – “protector” (Latvian)

Provenzale – “from Provence” (Italian)

Proinsias – “Frankish” (Scottish)

Prodan – “hardworking” (Croatian)

Protomelas – “first black” (African)

Prokopiy – “progressive” (Kazakh)

Prorok – “seer, prophet” (Slovak)

Protopapadakis – “first priest” (Greek)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “PRO”

Prosper – “successful, flourishing” (English)

Provenza – “from Provence” (Spanish)

Prodigy – “extraordinary talent” (English)

Proceso – “process, progress” (Spanish)

Promenade – “a leisurely walk” (English)

Prozephyr – “progressive breeze” (English)

Proxima – “next, closest” (Spanish)

Profound – “deep, meaningful” (English)

Prodigio – “prodigy, marvel” (Spanish)

Prolethos – “foreseen, predicted” (English)

Profuso – “abundant, lavish” (Spanish)

Prometheus – “forethought” (Greek)

Prodigal – “recklessly extravagant” (English)

Providencia – “providence, foresight” (Spanish)

Proximus – “nearest, closest” (Latin)

Project – “a planned undertaking” (English)

Provisio – “foresight, provision” (Latin)

Prolific – “producing in large quantities” (English)

Proceso – “sequential progress” (Spanish)

Proventius – “productive, fruitful” (English)

Profundis – “deep, profound” (Latin)

Prodigalis – “exceptionally gifted” (English)

Protagon – “leading character” (Spanish)

Prokan – “progressive thinker” (English)

Pronuncio – “to announce, declare” (Latin)

Prodigon – “genius, exceptional” (English)

Pronto – “quick, prompt” (Spanish)

Proklis – “glorious, illustrious” (Greek)

Prose – “written or spoken language” (English)

Prothumos – “enthusiastic” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “PRO”

Procopius – “devoted to progress” (Greek)

Prothymos – “enthusiastic devotion” (Greek)

Prophus – “inspired by prophecy” (English)

Protes – “first, initial” (Greek)

Provenzal – “from Provence” (Spanish)

Prophetis – “follower of prophecy” (Greek)

Proclus – “follower of glory” (Greek)

Proficio – “to make progress” (Latin)

Providente – “provided by God” (Spanish)

Prometeo – “forethinker” (Spanish)

Prophetico – “related to prophecy” (Italian)

Provelio – “to set forth in God’s name” (Latin)

Protesilaos – “first of the people” (Greek)

Prodigalidad – “God’s generosity” (Spanish)

Profundo – “deep spiritual understanding” (Spanish)

Prophaneus – “dedicated to prophecy” (Greek)

Proklis – “devoted to glory” (Greek)

Providens – “provident, foreseeing” (Latin)

Prothos – “first, foremost” (Greek)

Prophetes – “prophet” (Greek)

Prontuario – “guidance from God” (Spanish)

Promesas – “promises of God” (Spanish)

Proclamatio – “proclamation of faith” (Latin)

Prosermion – “sermon, religious discourse” (Greek)

Proselithis – “devoted to God” (Greek)

Prothumos – “enthusiastic in God’s service” (Greek)

Provedor – “provider, sustainer” (Spanish)

Prophylax – “guardian, protector” (Greek)

Protervus – “devoted to God’s will” (Latin)

Propheta – “prophet” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “PRO”

Prokofiev, Sergei

Russian composer and pianist, known for his symphonies and ballets like “Romeo and Juliet.”

Prosser, Nat Turner

African American slave who led a famous rebellion against slavery in Virginia in 1831.

Proctor, Red

American professional golfer, winner of multiple PGA Tour events.

Probst, Jeff

American television host, best known for hosting the reality show “Survivor” since its inception.

Prokhorov, Mikhail

Russian billionaire, entrepreneur, and politician, owner of the Brooklyn Nets NBA team.

Prothero, Donald

American paleontologist and geologist, known for his work on mammalian evolution.

Proenza, William B.

American atmospheric scientist, former director of the National Hurricane Center.

Prosser, John

Australian molecular biologist, Nobel laureate for his work on cell division.

Propper, Michael

British film producer, known for producing acclaimed films like “The English Patient.”

Probert, Bob

Canadian professional ice hockey player, a tough enforcer in the NHL during the 1980s and 1990s.

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