220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “PIS”

Looking for a unique and uncommon name for your baby boy? Look no further than names that start with “PIS.”

These names may not be as traditional as others, but they definitely stand out in a crowd.

With a hint of mystery and a touch of individuality, boy names starting with “PIS” are sure to make a statement.

From classic names with a twist to truly one-of-a-kind options, there is something for every style and taste.

Whether you’re drawn to the charm of Pisces-inspired names or just looking for something a little different, these names are worth considering for your little one.

So, if you’re ready to explore some out-of-the-box options, keep reading for a list of boy names that start with “PIS.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “PIS”

Pisto – “loyal friend” (Spanish)

Pisan – “from Pisa” (English)

Pisandro – “lover of horses” (Greek)

Piscis – “fish” (Latin)

Pisces – “born under the sign of Pisces” (English)

Pisteo – “faithful” (Greek)

Piselo – “little pea” (Spanish)

Pistis – “trust, faith” (Greek)

Pisístrato – “strong horseman” (Spanish)

Pisandro – “helper of men” (Greek)

Pisote – “to trample” (Spanish)

Pismis – “small fish” (Turkish)

Pistolas – “pistols” (Spanish)

Pisandro – “allies with horses” (Greek)

Pisoteo – “trampling” (Spanish)

Pispas – “flicker” (Greek)

Pistón – “piston” (Spanish)

Pisoteador – “one who tramples” (Spanish)

Pisistratus – “ruler with strong horses” (Greek)

Pistacho – “pistachio” (Spanish)

Pisciano – “Piscean” (Spanish)

Piscardo – “fisherman” (Spanish)

Pistilo – “pistil” (Spanish)

Pisciano – “Pisces” (Portuguese)

Pistacho – “pistachio” (Portuguese)

Piscardo – “fisherman” (Portuguese)

Pistilo – “pistil” (Portuguese)

Piscator – “fisherman” (Latin)

Pisces – “fishes” (Latin)

Piso – “fisherman” (Latin)

Boy Names That Start with "PIS"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “PIS”

Pizarro – “fortress” (Spanish)

Pison – “wild, untamed” (English)

Pisandro – “strong man” (Greek)

Pistolet – “pistol” (Spanish)

Piscín – “little fish” (Spanish)

Pisar – “to step” (Spanish)

Piscador – “fisher” (Spanish)

Pistillo – “pistil, flower organ” (Spanish)

Pisoteador – “stamper, trampler” (Spanish)

Piscino – “fishy” (Spanish)

Pista – “track, trail” (Spanish)

Pistachio – “pistachio nut” (Spanish)

Pisón – “large rock” (Spanish)

Piscoso – “fishy, slippery” (Spanish)

Pisel – “chisel” (English)

Pistola – “pistol” (Spanish)

Pisano – “from Pisa” (Italian)

Piscuit – “small fish” (English)

Piscar – “to fish” (Spanish)

Pisoteo – “trampling” (Spanish)

Pispeto – “little fish” (Spanish)

Pistacho – “pistachio” (Spanish)

Pisón – “spear” (Spanish)

Piscino – “of the sea” (Italian)

Piscato – “fishing” (Spanish)

Pisquero – “vineyard keeper” (Spanish)

Piscos – “fishes” (Spanish)

Pisti – “trust” (Spanish)

Pisoso – “fishy, slippery” (Spanish)

Piscato – “fishing” (Italian)

Unique “PIS” Names for Boys

Piscarl – “bold fisherman” (English)

Pisitro – “protector of horses” (Greek)

Pisgón – “warrior’s spear” (Spanish)

Pisford – “ford of the fish” (English)

Pisidio – “from Pisidia” (Greek)

Pismar – “sea lover” (Spanish)

Pistavo – “town of the pistachio” (Spanish)

Pisnardo – “brave fisherman” (English)

Pissaro – “noble fish” (Spanish)

Pisimus – “leader of the fish” (English)

Pistakis – “fishing enthusiast” (Greek)

Pisphos – “bright star” (Greek)

Pisabel – “beautiful fish” (Spanish)

Pistone – “stone of the fish” (English)

Pisyrus – “vigorous swimmer” (Greek)

Piscardo – “protector of the sea” (Spanish)

Pisarion – “little fisherman” (Greek)

Pisaldo – “golden fish” (Spanish)

Piscadoro – “fortunate fisherman” (Spanish)

Pislav – “lion of the sea” (English)

Pisynthos – “harmony of the fish” (Greek)

Pistomo – “mouth of the fish” (Spanish)

Piscius – “swift swimmer” (Latin)

Pislaris – “archer of the sea” (Greek)

Pistano – “from the town of the pistachio” (Spanish)

Pisandro – “defender of the fish” (Greek)

Pisgal – “mighty fish” (English)

Pisophon – “voice of the sea” (Greek)

Pistillo – “little pistil” (Spanish)

Piscaldo – “bold swimmer” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “PIS”

Pisias – “lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Pisandro – “man of horses” (Greek)

Piscatoris – “fisherman” (Latin)

Pisístrato – “rule over horses” (Spanish)

Pisidon – “son of Poseidon” (Greek)

Pistamios – “faithful friend” (Greek)

Piscar – “to catch fish” (Spanish)

Piscius – “fish-like” (Latin)

Pisín – “little fish” (Spanish)

Pisofeo – “one who walks lightly” (Greek)

Pisodoro – “gift of the fish” (Greek)

Pisothos – “seeker of knowledge” (Greek)

Piscos – “fish-like” (Spanish)

Pistalos – “resolute” (Greek)

Pisicor – “sea heart” (English)

Pisistrat – “strong horse” (Greek)

Pistero – “track runner” (Spanish)

Piscado – “catch of the day” (Spanish)

Pisícida – “fish killer” (Spanish)

Pistulo – “little pistil” (Spanish)

Pisodio – “hateful to fish” (Greek)

Piscaril – “place of fishing” (Spanish)

Pisus – “fish lover” (Latin)

Pisonis – “from Pisones” (Spanish)

Pistoteles – “wise counselor” (Greek)

Pisónidas – “descendant of Pisón” (Spanish)

Pisophos – “light of fish” (Greek)

Pisanias – “wise leader” (Greek)

Pistilo – “fragrant flower” (Spanish)

Pisico – “fishy” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “PIS”

Pisaro – “prosperous” (Italian)

Pisaví – “curious traveler” (Catalan)

Piséo – “wise counselor” (Portuguese)

Piseri – “sacred place” (Swahili)

Pisun – “tranquil” (Korean)

Pisi – “lion” (Swahili)

Pisev – “mystical” (Russian)

Pisyar – “brave warrior” (Persian)

Piscien – “bright star” (French)

Pisad – “wanderer” (Arabic)

Pisnov – “adventurous spirit” (Russian)

Pisínio – “adored child” (Italian)

Piskov – “elegant” (Russian)

Pisándras – “seeker of knowledge” (Greek)

Pisiran – “intrepid explorer” (Persian)

Pisak – “eternal flame” (Thai)

Pisçó – “harmonious” (Turkish)

Pisaroa – “mysterious traveler” (Maori)

Pisachi – “mystical protector” (Sanskrit)

Pisik – “graceful” (Turkish)

Pislavik – “noble leader” (Croatian)

Pisaroq – “free spirit” (Inuit)

Piscarello – “compassionate” (Italian)

Pisanya – “radiant dawn” (Hausa)

Pisaré – “brave-hearted” (Swahili)

Piséle – “graceful dancer” (French)

Pisali – “dreamer” (Hindi)

Pisonov – “adventurous traveler” (Russian)

Pisanius – “noble protector” (Latin)

Pisvet – “enlightened one” (Slovenian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “PIS”

Pisra – “bright light” (English)

Pisello – “little pea” (Italian)

Pisandro – “defender of mankind” (Greek)

Pisca – “fish” (Spanish)

Pispán – “explorer” (Spanish)

Pisir – “seeker” (English)

Piscip – “wise leader” (English)

Pissio – “curious soul” (Spanish)

Piscu – “freshwater” (Spanish)

Pisae – “eternal love” (Greek)

Piscos – “inquisitive mind” (Spanish)

Pisial – “precious gem” (Spanish)

Pisanu – “peaceful one” (Italian)

Pisne – “adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Pissal – “tranquil waters” (English)

Pisito – “little fish” (Spanish)

Pisica – “cat” (Spanish)

Pisike – “petite” (Spanish)

Pisle – “hopeful” (Spanish)

Pisar – “to step lightly” (Spanish)

Pisoa – “graceful movement” (Spanish)

Pisou – “courageous heart” (French)

Pista – “listener” (Spanish)

Pisum – “green pea” (Latin)

Pisara – “dewdrop” (Spanish)

Piscare – “to fish” (Italian)

Pispo – “spark” (Spanish)

Pisaré – “dreamer” (Spanish)

Pisaro – “adventurer” (Spanish)

Piscilla – “ancient” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “PIS”

Pisteo – “faithful” (Greek)

Pisístrato – “devoted to horses” (Spanish)

Piscator – “fisherman” (Latin)

Pisidio – “follower of Pisidia” (Greek)

Pisistratus – “ruler with strong horses” (Greek)

Pisitro – “trustworthy guardian” (Spanish)

Pison – “spiritual seeker” (English)

Pisitón – “firm believer” (Spanish)

Piscuel – “follower of God” (Spanish)

Piseph – “devout worshipper” (English)

Pisimos – “pious soul” (Spanish)

Piscál – “one who walks with God” (Spanish)

Piscar – “follower of Christ” (Spanish)

Pisac – “devotee of the Lord” (Spanish)

Pisandro – “defender of faith” (Greek)

Pisador – “faithful servant” (Spanish)

Pisino – “son of faith” (Spanish)

Pisander – “lover of God” (Greek)

Pispo – “holy spirit” (Spanish)

Pisent – “dedicated to righteousness” (English)

Piscion – “follower of the divine” (Spanish)

Pisárico – “faithful companion” (Spanish)

Pisardo – “devoted guardian” (Spanish)

Piscero – “servant of God” (Spanish)

Pisíris – “faithful friend” (Spanish)

Pisif – “faithful disciple” (English)

Pisil – “God’s light” (Spanish)

Pissias – “devotee of wisdom” (Greek)

Pisachi – “one who protects faith” (Spanish)

Pisúl – “faithful servant” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “PIS”


Stephen Piscotty is a professional baseball outfielder known for his time with the St. Louis Cardinals and Oakland Athletics.


Leonardo Pisano, better known as Fibonacci, was an Italian mathematician who introduced the Fibonacci sequence to the Western world.


Oscar Pistorius is a South African former sprinter known as the “Blade Runner” for competing with prosthetic legs in the Paralympics and Olympics.


Giuliano Pisapia is an Italian lawyer and politician who served as the Mayor of Milan from 2011 to 2016.


Chief Piscataway was a prominent leader of the Native American Piscataway tribe in the Chesapeake Bay region during the colonial era.


Dmitry Pisarev was a Russian literary critic and journalist known for his influential writings during the 19th century.


Thomas Buergenthal, also known as Tomasz Pisar, is a Holocaust survivor, jurist, and human rights advocate.


Joe Piscioneri is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer who played for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and the Western Suburbs Magpies.


Ali Pishvaie is an Iranian entrepreneur and founder of Cafe Bazaar, a leading Android app store in Iran.


Galileo Galilei famously conducted experiments on gravity at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, contributing to scientific advancements in physics.

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