220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “OP”

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy, you want something that stands out and has a unique charm.

If you’re looking for a name that starts with “OP”, you’re in luck! There are several distinctive and uncommon options to consider for your little one.

Names that begin with “OP” are sought after for their originality and individuality.

They offer a fresh and modern twist to traditional boy names, making them a great choice for parents who want something a bit different.

From classic to trendy, “OP” names have a wide range of styles and meanings to suit every preference.

In this article, we’ll explore a collection of boy names that start with “OP” and delve into their origins and significance.

Whether you’re drawn to names with a strong, masculine sound or ones with a softer, more gentle appeal, there’s sure to be an “OP” name that resonates with you and your family.

So, let’s explore this unique category of boy names and find the perfect fit for your little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “OP”

Ophelio – “Helpful; Wise” (Greek)

Ophidian – “Snake-like” (English)

Opheo – “Guardian of the Vineyard” (Greek)

Opilio – “Shepherd” (Latin)

Opulentus – “Wealthy; Rich” (Latin)

Opus – “Work; Labor” (Latin)

Opius – “Keen Sighted” (Latin)

Ophion – “Serpent; Snake” (Greek)

Optimos – “Best; Excellent” (Latin)

Opusculus – “Small Work” (Latin)

Opian – “To Seek; To Desire” (Latin)

Orestes – “Mountain Dweller” (Greek)

Opanayiko – “Unified” (Greek)

Opilio – “Shepherd” (Latin)

Optatus – “Desired; Chosen” (Latin)

Opilion – “Harvester; Gatherer” (Latin)

Opiate – “Soothing; Calming” (English)

Optimos – “Best; Excellent” (Latin)

Opus – “Work; Labor” (Latin)

Ophir – “Gold; Riches” (Hebrew)

Opellius – “Keen” (Latin)

Ophites – “Of Snakes” (Greek)

Oporinus – “Fruitful” (Latin)

Opaon – “Snake Fighter” (Greek)

Opimo – “Abundant; Plentiful” (Latin)

Ophelos – “Help; Support” (Greek)

Ophiuchus – “Serpent-Bearer” (Greek)

Opilion – “Harvester; Gatherer” (Latin)

Oporto – “Port” (Portuguese)

Opius – “Keen Sighted” (Latin)

Boy Names That Start with "OP"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “OP”

Ophionyx – “Swift Serpent” (Greek)

Opalio – “Precious Stone” (Latin)

Opson – “Feast; Meal” (Greek)

Opello – “Beautiful Voice” (Italian)

Oplex – “Complex; Intricate” (English)

Ophistico – “Clever; Intelligent” (Greek)

Opuson – “Builder; Creator” (Latin)

Optivar – “Optimistic Traveler” (English)

Opilio – “Opulent; Wealthy” (Latin)

Ophidianus – “Serpent-Like” (Greek)

Optaris – “Visionary; Dreamer” (Latin)

Opilus – “Bright; Radiant” (Latin)

Oparos – “Abundant; Rich” (Greek)

Optimio – “Best; Finest” (Latin)

Ophelion – “Helpful Son” (Greek)

Opulento – “Rich; Prosperous” (Spanish)

Opixel – “Visionary Explorer” (English)

Opsidian – “Gemstone” (Latin)

Opthimos – “Excellent; Best” (Greek)

Opilio – “Optimistic Lion” (Latin)

Opteron – “Powerful Warrior” (Greek)

Oplendio – “Radiant; Shining” (Spanish)

Optraio – “Visionary Leader” (Latin)

Opellis – “Keen Perception” (English)

Opulo – “Abundance; Wealth” (Spanish)

Ophian – “Of Serpents” (Greek)

Optaris – “Hopeful; Optimistic” (Latin)

Opalios – “Precious; Rare” (Greek)

Opitron – “Bright Star” (English)

Oporto – “Harbor City” (Portuguese)

Unique “OP” Names for Boys

Ophelion – “Shining Light” (Greek)

Opserio – “Watchful Guardian” (Spanish)

Optaris – “Aspiring Visionary” (Latin)

Ophelico – “Helpful and Wise” (Greek)

Opalos – “Lustrous Gem” (Greek)

Optron – “Visionary Explorer” (English)

Oplendus – “Radiant and Glorious” (Latin)

Opiano – “Harmonious Voice” (Spanish)

Opithros – “Full of Promise” (Greek)

Opellox – “Majestic Opulence” (English)

Optulus – “Abundant and Prosperous” (Latin)

Ophios – “Snake Charmer” (Greek)

Opelix – “Eloquent Speaker” (English)

Opseron – “Observant Warrior” (Spanish)

Opthran – “Enlightened Thinker” (Greek)

Opelio – “Noble Stone” (Latin)

Opyrus – “Heroic Vision” (English)

Opentus – “Expansive and Open-Minded” (Latin)

Optileo – “Bright Vision” (Spanish)

Ophirix – “Rich in Possibilities” (Greek)

Oplenix – “Strategic Leader” (Latin)

Opianos – “Seeker of Wisdom” (Greek)

Opfino – “Finely Crafted” (Spanish)

Optara – “Radiant Star” (English)

Ophiosius – “Serpentine Strength” (Greek)

Optivio – “Optimistic Explorer” (Latin)

Opulix – “Wealthy and Luxurious” (English)

Oplanto – “Abundant Growth” (Spanish)

Opalios – “Rare and Precious” (Latin)

Ophianon – “Mystical Serpent” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “OP”

Othello – “Prosperous” (English)

Opión – “Desire” (Spanish)

Opellion – “Shining Star” (Greek)

Optimus – “Best; Excellent” (Latin)

Oprian – “Timeless Leader” (Greek)

Optimo – “Optimal; Best” (Spanish)

Opherion – “Eternal Light” (Greek)

Oplendos – “Timeless Glory” (Latin)

Opilio – “Everlasting” (Spanish)

Optara – “Timeless Star” (Greek)

Opulus – “Abundance Across Time” (Latin)

Ophidianos – “Eternal Serpent” (Greek)

Opellius – “Timeless Wisdom” (Latin)

Opresto – “Steadfast” (Spanish)

Ophalos – “Enduring Strength” (Greek)

Opulare – “Lasting Riches” (Latin)

Oporto – “Timeless Harbor” (Portuguese)

Oplis – “Forever Bright” (Greek)

Opulentio – “Timeless Prosperity” (Latin)

Optimiano – “Eternal Optimism” (Spanish)

Opelion – “Timeless Radiance” (Latin)

Ophelis – “Evergreen” (Greek)

Opiaro – “Perpetual Vision” (Spanish)

Opheus – “Timeless Inspiration” (Greek)

Opthimos – “Timeless Excellence” (Latin)

Opellano – “Timeless Noble” (Spanish)

Opicron – “Eternal Explorer” (English)

Opulo – “Timeless Opulence” (Latin)

Optan – “Timeless Explorer” (Greek)

Opyrian – “Eternal Seeker” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “OP”

Oparo – “Journey” (Maori)

Opiwa – “Gift” (Maori)

Opoku – “Born on a Saturday” (Akan – Ghana)

Opaleye – “Clear Vision” (Yoruba – Nigeria)

Ophidian – “Snake-Like” (Latin)

Opoku – “Noble” (Akan – Ghana)

Opium – “Gift of the Gods” (Latin)

Opuno – “Savior” (Akan – Ghana)

Opeoluwa – “God’s Gift” (Yoruba – Nigeria)

Opheliano – “Lion of Light” (Italian)

Opari – “Golden” (Yoruba – Nigeria)

Oplyx – “Oracle” (Greek)

Opes – “Hope” (Latin)

Ophelius – “Protector of the Vineyard” (Latin)

Opeti – “Fierce Warrior” (Fijian)

Opilon – “Hunter” (Greek)

Opso – “Graceful” (Greek)

Ophirio – “Rich” (Hebrew)

Ophan – “Sky” (Arabic)

Oplu – “Wise” (Assyrian)

Opolo – “River” (Ijaw – Nigeria)

Oprea – “Born Near Easter” (Romanian)

Opther – “Bold Explorer” (Old English)

Opulus – “Luxurious” (Latin)

Opani – “Gazelle” (Swahili)

Opati – “Chief” (Maasai – Kenya)

Ophiox – “Snake-Like” (Greek)

Opendi – “I Have Suffered” (Luganda – Uganda)

Opion – “Eager Desire” (Latin)

Optyrus – “Visionary” (Greek)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “OP”

Opal – “Gemstone” (English)

Opey – “Hopeful” (English)

Opera – “Work of Art” (Latin)

Opio – “Soothing” (Spanish)

Opaline – “Lustrous” (English)

Opello – “Creative” (Latin)

Ophio – “Snake-Like” (Greek)

Optime – “Best” (Latin)

Opus – “Artistic Creation” (Latin)

Opalis – “Gem-Like” (Greek)

Opium – “Serenity” (Latin)

Optara – “Visionary” (Greek)

Optis – “Vision” (Latin)

Opalo – “Precious Stone” (Spanish)

Ophira – “Gold” (Hebrew)

Opsi – “Desire” (Greek)

Opex – “Explorer” (English)

Opiuma – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Ophil – “Lover of Light” (Greek)

Oporo – “Abundance” (Latin)

Opixa – “Bright” (Greek)

Opitum – “Optimism” (Latin)

Opuscula – “Small Work” (Latin)

Opat – “Hope” (English)

Opiana – “Creative Spirit” (Spanish)

Oplexa – “Complex” (English)

Opiros – “Observant” (Greek)

Opuna – “Harmony” (Latin)

Optique – “Clear Vision” (French)

Opulus – “Riches” (Latin)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “OP”

Opheus – “Bearer of Light” (Greek)

Opemus – “Devoted to Prayer” (Latin)

Opianos – “Pious Seeker” (Greek)

Ophirius – “Devoted to God” (Latin)

Opilio – “Shepherd of Faith” (Latin)

Opthimos – “Faithful Excellence” (Greek)

Opresto – “Steadfast Devotion” (Spanish)

Ophan – “Heavenly Messenger” (Arabic)

Ophiosius – “Devoted Serpent” (Greek)

Opellus – “Pious Wisdom” (Latin)

Opati – “Dedicated Chief” (Maasai – Kenya)

Opalius – “Religious Light” (Latin)

Opelliano – “Devoted Lion” (Italian)

Opther – “Bold Devotion” (Old English)

Optara – “Worshipful Star” (Greek)

Opilio – “Devoted to the Vineyard” (Latin)

Opendi – “Enduring Faith” (Luganda – Uganda)

Opiwa – “God’s Gift” (Maori)

Opthran – “Enlightened Devotion” (Greek)

Opotiri – “Sacred Offering” (Ijaw – Nigeria)

Opserio – “Watchful Guardian” (Spanish)

Optimo – “Optimal Devotion” (Spanish)

Oprea – “Born Near Easter” (Romanian)

Opresto – “Steadfast Devotion” (Spanish)

Optrus – “Religious Vision” (Latin)

Opyrian – “Devoted Seeker” (English)

Optelian – “Chosen of God” (English)

Ophanim – “Angelic Beings” (Hebrew)

Opaleye – “Vision of God” (Yoruba – Nigeria)

Optivio – “Devoted Explorer” (Latin)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “OP”

Ophir Thornton

A charismatic entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable technologies and a knack for leadership. Ophir is known for his innovative approach and commitment to environmental causes.

Opalio Rodriguez

Opalio is a brilliant scientist specializing in robotics. His groundbreaking work has earned him international recognition, and he is revered for his contributions to the field.

Optyrus Mendez

An adventurous travel blogger, Optyrus explores the world and shares captivating stories. His wanderlust and positive energy inspire others to embrace the beauty of diverse cultures.

Opalos Vasquez

Opalos is a gifted artist known for his unique sculptures. His creations reflect a deep understanding of human emotions and experiences, making him a celebrated figure in the art world.

Opelliano Rivera

A renowned philosopher and author, Opelliano’s insightful writings delve into the complexities of human existence. His work has influenced countless individuals seeking meaning in life.

Opianon Cruz

Opianon is a dedicated humanitarian working tirelessly to improve education in underprivileged communities. His compassion and commitment have transformed the lives of many children.

Opilio Moreno

As a skilled chef, Opilio has elevated culinary experiences with his creative and delectable dishes. His restaurants are sought after for their fusion of diverse flavors.

Ophanim Silva

A talented musician and composer, Ophanim’s compositions evoke a range of emotions. His mastery of various instruments contributes to the enchanting allure of his music.

Optelian Ramos

Optelian is a respected academic, specializing in ancient languages. His research has uncovered hidden linguistic treasures, shedding light on historical cultures.

Opitum Gonzalez

Opitum is an accomplished sportsman, excelling in both athletics and strategy-based games. His competitive spirit and sportsmanship have earned him accolades in various arenas.

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