180 Mysterious Boy Names That Start With N

If you’re looking for boy names that start with N, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite boy names that start with N include:











Boy Names That Start With N

Some of the catchy boy names are Nori, Northrup, Nobuyuki, Nixon, Nova.

Ned – “victorious”

Norman – “north man”

Nachshon – “daring”

Nigel – “champion”

Nap – “lion of Naples”

Nectarios – “saint”

Nikolay – “people’s victor”

Nealon – “coming from the clouds”

Noble – “high born”

Nariko – “gentle child”

Narcissus – “daffodil”

Nezer – “crown”

Nero – “powerful”

Neil – “from the clouds”

Noburu – “rise”

Naaman – “pleasant sweet and beautiful”

Nikhil – “complete”

Neal – “cloud”

Nasser – “victorious”

Nobuye – “faith”

Nemesio – “justice”

Nezer – “a crown”

Norman – “northman”

Naboth – “prophecy”

Nuri – “my light”

Cute Boy Names That Start With N

Some of the cute boy names are Naruto, Newland, Newton, Noriaki, Neil.

Norton – “northern village”

Nauplius – “an argonaut”

Neriah – “the lamp of the Lord”

Nehemiah – “comforted by God”

Namid – “star dancer”

Nova – “new or a type of star”

Norio – “beginning”

Nayiri – “land of canyons and rivers”

Nozomi – “hope”

Nestor – “return from travels”

Nolan – “famous; noble”

Nixon – “son of Nicholas”

Norton – “north settlement”

Nyree – “flaxen”

Nehemiah – “consolation of Jehovah”

Newland – “new land”

Nara – “happy”

Nicholas – “victory of the people”

Nadim – “friend”

Nile – “champion”

Nori – “ceremony”

Niven – “new village”

Ning – “peaceful”

Nikon – “victor”

Nevin – “holy”

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Uncommon Boy Names That Start With N

Some of the uncommon boy names are Naal, Niguel, Noriko, Niels, Noriaki.

Noor – “light”

Nash – “by the ash tree”

Nobuko – “trust”

Nicodemus – “the victory of people”

Neal – “clouds”

Narcissus – “daffodil”

Nicholas – “victorious people”

Nathan – “a gift”

Nils – “people’s victory”

Neville – “new town”

Niki – “of the Lord”

Naiz – “gift”

Nat – “gift of God”

Natsu – “born in summer”

Noah – “repose or rest”

Navon – “wise”

Naftali – “to wrestle or be crafty”

Neelesh – “moon”

Norward – “warden of the north”

Norwell – “spring”

Nemo – “from the glen”

Nav – “name”

Nevan – “little saint”

Noel – “Christmas”

Nelson – “son of the champion”

What are unique names that start with N?

Some of the unique boy names are Naoki, Nye, Nabil, Nilsson, Norris.

Nero – “black-haired”

Natsumi – “summer”

Nehemiah – “God has comforted”

Naim – “contented”

Nils – “people of victory”

Neo – “new”

Nasiir – “protector”

Nigel – “black”

Noland – “noble”

North – “a geographical direction”

Natoru – “bird”

Noriyuki – “good fortune”

Nicobar – “unknown”

Nabeel – “noble”

Nahum – “consoler”

Nevin – “little bone”

Nannos – “God is gracious”

Northcliff – “northern cliff”

Nogah – “brightness; clearness”

Neci – “fire in Hungarian”

Nunzio – “messenger”

Niall – “champion”

Namir – “leopard”

Nien – “year”

Nir – “ploughed field”

Boy Names That Start With N

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What are some cool name for a boy?

Some of the cool boy names are Neoklis, Nikita, Nereus, Nye, Nao.

Nanook – “polar bear”

Nico – “the victory of the people’

Noam – “pleasantness”

Norio – “a man of principles”

Neville – “from the new village”

Neely – “son of the poet”

Norbert – “north, bright”

Nabil – “prince or Noble”

Nemo – “no-one”

Nigel – “dark cloud”

Nash – “ash tree”

Nollaig – “born on Christmas”

Novak – “new”

Norren – “used in Game of Thrones for a minor character”

Nephon – “sober”

Norris – “from the north”

Norbert – “bright north”

Nemo – “nobody”

Naoko – “obedient child”

Nico – “victory of the people”

Nestor – “homecoming”

Nolan – “champion”

Noel – “referring to Christmas Day”

Napier – “seller of linen”

Nooriel – “the fire of God”


There are many great boy names that start with the letter N. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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