200 Cool Boy Names That Start With L

If you’re looking for boy names that start with L, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite boy names that start with L include:


























Boy Names That Start With L

Some of the adorable boy names are Laken, Leyton, Lorrimer, Lennox, Lucius.

Leonidas – “Lion”

Lloyd – “Gray-haired, sacred”

Lippo – “Lover of horses”

Ludwik – “Renowned warrior”

Leonard – “lion strength”

Leonardo – “Brave as a lion”

Landon – “from the long hill”

Ledger – “Spear tribe”

Lino – “Messenger, ambitious”

Linus – “Flax colored”

Lathan – “God has given”

Lock – “woods, fortified place or pond”

Lucan – “Light”

Lorenzo – “Winner, crown with laurels”

Luciano – “light”

Lorne – “Fox”

Lota – “covering”

Lonfierce – “blackbird”

Lewis – “Renowned fighter”

Lael – “loyal, faithful”

Loyal – “true, faithful, unswerving”

Lars – “Victory”

Lisle – “Of the island”

Legacy – “Inheritance”

Lawrence – “Laurel tree”

Unique Boy Names That Start With L

Some of the unique boy names are Laurentius, Leif, Loren, Lionello, Lochlan.

London – “capital of the United Kingdom”

Lenny – “Brave lion”

Lei – “flower bud”

Leandro – “Lion”

Lunaire – “moonlike, related to the moon”

Lennox – “with many elm trees”

Lanza – “land”

Leggett – “Appointed, ordained”

Lisandro – “Liberator”

Liem – “Resolute protection”

Langley – “from the long meadow”

Liuz – “glorious fighter”

Lief – “Friendly, dear”

Lawford – “hillford”

Leon – “Lion”

Landry – “Powerful ruler”

Lothair – “famous in battle”

Lincoln – “Settlement by water”

Lleu – “shine”

Lars – “crowned with laurel”

Libor – “Sacrifice, free”

Lonnie – “Noble”

Leroux – “the redhaired one”

Lakeland – “from the fjordland”

Lochlann – “land of lakes”

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Cute Boy Names That Start With L

Some of the cute boy names are London, Leonel, Lindberg, Lazlo, Lev.

Lionisio – “Lion”

Lamont – “Lawman”

Lindo – “Lovely”

Lewie – “Fighter, famous warrior”

Leodegan – “father of Guinevere”

Leandro – “lion”

Lucero – “Spanish form of Luke light”

Levey – “Joining”

Leo – “lion”

Lawlor – “one who mutters”

Lancelot – “assistant”

Lydon – “from the Linden tree hill”

Leonids – “the circle; derived from le rond”

Lachlan – “Land of lakes”

Lake – “open water”

Lazaro – “God has helped”

Leland – “From the meadow land”

Lazarus – “God has helped”

Lewis – “renowned fighter”

Leyland – “Fallow land”

Lucan – “light”

Linwood – “Lime wood”

Lukman – “A prophet, wise man”

Liberatus – “Free”

Laith – “Lion”

What are the most popular L names?

Some of the popular boy names are Lockhart, Lanzo, Lucky, Latif.

Linh – “Soul, spirit”

Louis – “famous warrior”

Logan – “Little hollow”

Landen – “From the long hill”

Levern – “Green woodland”

Lex – “Warrior”

Liberato – “One who gets freedom”

Leviticus – “Belongs to Levites”

Leon – “lion”

Lethe – “oblivion”

Lewes – “Renowned warrior”

Levander – “Heart”

Luke – “lightgiving”

Lance – “Land”

Larson – “Son of Lars”

Louis – “Famous warrior”

Levon – “Lion”

Levar – “Risen”

Lorento – “from Laurentum”

Lyam – “determined protector”

Lamar – “of the sea”

Loc – “bud”

Legend – “Story, myth”

Lemuel – “Devoted to God”

Leopold – “A bold man”

Boy Names That Start With L

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What are the best names start with L?

Some of the best boy names are Leonardo, Lloyd, Lee, Lance, Lino.

Levin – “Dear friend”

Lian – “Lotus”

Levi – “joined, attached”

Lennon – “Dear one”

Leif – “son, descendant”

Lyaksandro – “defender of man”

Linford – “Ford where maple trees grow”

Lion – “lion”

Lachlives – “near water”

Leroi – “Leroy The king”

Luis – “form of Louis”

Luxovios – “mythical god of Luxeuil”

Leo – “Lion”

Luthais – “famous warrior”

Lycus – “friend of Hercules”

Laurence – “man from Laurentum”

Larry – “Laurel crowned”

Lester – “Roman town”

Langston – “Tall man’s town”

Lionel – “Lion”

Lamar – “Of the sea”

Lige – “Yahweh is God”

Ludo – “famous fighter”

Len – “bold as a lion”

Levi – “Joining”


There are many great boy names that start with the letter L. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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