200 Clever and Catchy Boy Names That Start With F

If you’re looking for boy names that start with F, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite boy names that start with F include:





















Boy Names That Start With F

Some of the best boy names are Ferris, Fleming, Feng, Fridolf, Fayzan.

Faris – “knight; strong”

Fallon – “leader”

Faaz – “Successful”

Fletcher – “Maker of arrows”

Fariel – “Star”

Finn – “Fair or white”

Fauzi – “attainment”

Fabius – “bean”

Faraz – “on top”

Faneesh – “Cosmic serpent”

Fali – “God who heals”

Fallon – “man in charge”

Francisco – “french man”

Fayiz – “victor”

Finch – “to swindle”

Firdaus – “Garden; paradise”

Faine – “good-natured”

Falish – “Indian tulip”

Florian – “flourishing”

Feivel – “bright one”

Fletcher – “arrow-maker”

Fox – “wild animal”

Farid – “one of a kind”

Fabio – “bean farmer”

Flynn – “red-haired”

Cool Boy Names That Start With F

Some of the cool boy names are Fairfax, Forrester ,Fizan, Frewyn, Fuhua.

Felix – “lucky”

Ferris – “a man of iron”

Faraji – “consolation”

Bottom – “of form”

Faer – “traveller”

Faraj – “cure”

Fane – “happy; joyful”

Felton – “from the town by the field”

Farhan – “Joyful”

Fineas – “oracle”

Fernando – “courageous”

Fai – “beginning”

Firmin – “steadfast”

Faiyaz – “Artistic; a good donor”

Falgun – “Springtime month”

Ford – “river crossing”

Francis – “french man”

Farhan – “happy”

Furuya – “old valley”

Fuyu – “winter”

Flannery – “red; ruddy”

Filip – “a friend of horses”

Fabrice – “craftsman”

Felix – “happy”

Faris – “knight”

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What are unique names that start with F?

Some of the unique boy names are Fernand, Franklin, Finnley, Fidel, Fizan.

Federico – “peaceful ruler”

Faas – “good fate”

Fingal – “fair stranger”

Florian – “flourishing; flowery”

Frick – “Bold; brave”

Fyodor – “gift of God”

Finnbar – “fair-haired”

Fushigi – “a miracle”

Flanagan – “ruddy”

Frank – “free”

Fakhir – “proud”

Fontane – “fountain”

Freddie – “a peaceful ruler”

Frederick – “peaceful ruler”

Fabian – “bean grower”

Ford – “river crossing”

Fraser – “strawberry”

Foy – “feast”

Finnegan – “fair-haired”

Fernando – “Bold voyager”

Feroz – “shining”

Fahim – “keen; intelligent”

Fujita – “rice paddy”

Faulkner – “falcon”

Finnian – “white”

What are some rare name for a boy?

Some of the rare boy names are Flint, Farren, Fiddah, Ferdinand, Fenris.

Farasat – “keen eye”

Fionnlagh – “white warrior”

Faisal – “The decider”

Fitz – “son of”

Felix – “successful; happy”

Farid – “unique”

Ferdinand – “peace”

Faraz – “ascent”

Fagan – “villager; battle”

Fujin – “wind god”

Foluke – “under God’s protection”

Fachnan – “malicious”

Fakhir – “Superior; magnificent”

Fabomi – “gift from God”

Frankie – “truthful”

Fahey – “joyful”

Franklin – “freeman”

Federico – “peaceful ruler”

Fox – “fox’

Fortune – “prosperous”

Farnley – “fern field’

Fabian – “Grower of beans”

Fravash – “Guardian angel”

Frank – “One of many”

Firas – “bold lion”

Boy Names That Start With F

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What are the most popular F name?

Some of the popular boy names are Fadil, Finian, Fuller, Falcon, Fordel.

Fauji – “Soldier”

Farold – “powerful traveller”

Floyd – “gray”

Fazan – “grace”

Fausto – “Fortunate”

Floyd – “grey”

Faramond – “protected traveller”

Forrest – “woodland”

Fiacre – “eagle”

Faraji – “consolation”

Fyrsil – “bears the staff”

Felton – “hill town”

Friday – “the day of frige”

Faine – “Joyous; happy”

Forest – “woodsman”

Fatehdeep – “Lamp of victory”

Fareed – “Unique’

Forrest – “Woodsman”

Fidel – “faithful”

Farris – “iron, strong”

Feng – “maple, phoenix or peak”

Fritz – “peaceful ruler”

Fannar – “snow drift”

Felip – “horseman”


There are many great boy names that start with the letter F. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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