220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “AST”

When it comes to choosing a name for a baby boy, parents often seek something that is not only meaningful but also unique.

If you’re on the hunt for a distinctive name starting with “AST,” look no further.

From traditional choices to more modern and uncommon options, there are a variety of boy names that start with “AST” that could be the perfect fit for your little one.

Astrophel, a poetic and romantic name meaning “star lover,” is a striking choice for parents looking for a celestial-inspired moniker.

For those seeking a more traditional option, Astor, meaning “hawk,” exudes strength and elegance.

Other lesser-known yet charming options include Astin, which means “knowledgeable,” and Astley, meaning “from the east meadow.”

Whether you’re drawn to timeless classics or prefer something more unconventional, this list of boy names starting with “AST” offers a range of options to suit every parent’s taste and style.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “AST”

Aston – “eastern town” (English)

Astraeus – “starry” (Greek)

Astor – “hawk” (English)

Astley – “eastern meadow” (English)

Astianax – “son of Hector” (Greek)

Astorius – “hawk-like” (Latin)

Astoros – “star” (Greek)

Astel – “divine strength” (Spanish)

Astin – “defender of the east” (English)

Astolpho – “noble wolf” (Italian)

Astrion – “star-born” (Greek)

Astraeos – “starry-eyed” (Greek)

Astian – “from the eastern land” (Spanish)

Astamur – “star of the east” (Persian)

Astius – “hawk-like” (Latin)

Astim – “defender of the east” (English)

Astyr – “starry” (English)

Astino – “one from the east” (Italian)

Astorgio – “divine strength” (Italian)

Astrion – “starry-eyed” (Greek)

Astraios – “starry” (Greek)

Astérix – “star” (French)

Astore – “hawk” (Italian)

Astorix – “hawk” (English)

Astorion – “starry-eyed” (Greek)

Astianello – “little star” (Italian)

Astinus – “hawk-like” (Latin)

Astios – “hawk-like” (Greek)

Astimachos – “fighting like a star” (Greek)

Astolph – “noble wolf” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "AST"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “AST”

Astorin – “little hawk” (English)

Astinio – “from the eastern sun” (Spanish)

Astorosio – “radiant star” (Spanish)

Asten – “from the east” (English)

Astoriano – “eastern breeze” (Spanish)

Astello – “noble star” (English)

Astorgado – “gift from the east” (Spanish)

Astirios – “awakening” (Greek)

Astante – “enduring star” (Spanish)

Astorgiano – “divine eastern origin” (Spanish)

Astafy – “bringer of light” (Greek)

Astolino – “little noble wolf” (Spanish)

Astorre – “towering hawk” (Spanish)

Astal – “heavenly” (Spanish)

Astorgios – “noble strength” (Greek)

Astinello – “noble star” (Spanish)

Astorino – “little star” (Italian)

Astauro – “star-like” (Greek)

Astoriano – “eastern king” (Spanish)

Astenio – “from the eastern sun” (Spanish)

Astorico – “rich in stars” (Spanish)

Astián – “divine grace” (Spanish)

Astoris – “radiant star” (Spanish)

Astinaro – “pure star” (Spanish)

Astevan – “crowned with stars” (Spanish)

Astaroth – “starlike” (Greek)

Astilio – “starlight” (Spanish)

Asteban – “crowned with glory” (Spanish)

Astario – “starry-eyed” (Spanish)

Astiado – “star-born” (Spanish)

Unique “AST” Names for Boys

Astrom – “heavenly” (English)

Asteon – “from the east” (English)

Astralion – “lion of the stars” (Greek)

Astaire – “divinely inspired” (French)

Astilo – “starlight” (Spanish)

Astuán – “graceful star” (Spanish)

Astiro – “star-born” (Spanish)

Astalon – “eastern protector” (English)

Astello – “star warrior” (Spanish)

Astreus – “divine star” (Greek)

Astron – “star” (Greek)

Astaron – “heavenly guardian” (English)

Astalos – “divine hawk” (Greek)

Asteo – “star-like” (Spanish)

Astraión – “starry sky” (Greek)

Astenio – “star energy” (Spanish)

Astius – “from the east” (Latin)

Astorgue – “eastern fortress” (Spanish)

Astrado – “radiant star” (Spanish)

Astuero – “eastern strength” (Spanish)

Astiros – “star god” (Greek)

Astero – “celestial” (Spanish)

Astraio – “starry” (Greek)

Astolfo – “noble star” (Spanish)

Astelios – “sun-star” (Greek)

Astreio – “divine light” (Spanish)

Astelmo – “noble protector” (Spanish)

Astyros – “divine star” (Greek)

Asticlio – “star commander” (Spanish)

Astenios – “star-born” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “AST”

Astelius – “divine grace” (Latin)

Astarte – “star” (Greek)

Astavio – “bringer of light” (Spanish)

Astimon – “steadfast” (Greek)

Astorius – “belonging to the stars” (Latin)

Astimedes – “wise like a star” (Greek)

Astulio – “bright star” (Spanish)

Astias – “from the eastern land” (Spanish)

Astolphe – “noble star” (French)

Astrifer – “bearing stars” (Latin)

Astygos – “swift as a star” (Greek)

Astelio – “heavenly” (Spanish)

Astinos – “of the eastern wind” (Greek)

Astoril – “shining star” (Spanish)

Astoreus – “hawk-like” (Latin)

Astiago – “starred” (Spanish)

Astydor – “gift of the stars” (Greek)

Astalonio – “protector of the east” (Spanish)

Astorico – “rich in stars” (Spanish)

Astinos – “from the east” (Greek)

Astier – “star” (French)

Astianos – “divine protector” (Greek)

Astulian – “from the east” (Spanish)

Astyler – “resembling a star” (English)

Astinor – “guardian of the east” (Spanish)

Asteon – “star-born” (Greek)

Astralio – “pertaining to the stars” (Spanish)

Astigen – “of noble birth” (Greek)

Astoros – “starry-eyed” (Greek)

Astudor – “from the eastern gate” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “AST”

Astami – “desire” (Sanskrit)

Astavir – “brave star” (Sanskrit)

Astamir – “eternal star” (Persian)

Astuman – “wise star” (Persian)

Astwan – “protector of the east” (Persian)

Astarab – “shooting star” (Arabic)

Astagir – “enduring star” (Arabic)

Astikas – “faithful” (Lithuanian)

Astaraq – “starlight” (Persian)

Astaar – “radiant star” (Arabic)

Astakan – “star of the sky” (Armenian)

Astitz – “starlike” (Basque)

Astaad – “eternal light” (Arabic)

Astiyan – “star power” (Persian)

Astamal – “shining star” (Arabic)

Asteryx – “star” (Latin)

Astrov – “from the stars” (Russian)

Astkhan – “lord of stars” (Persian)

Astou – “eastern wind” (Wolof)

Astariq – “bright star” (Arabic)

Astemir – “star of life” (Turkish)

Astorat – “star-born” (Sumerian)

Astiad – “of the stars” (Persian)

Astilak – “starlike” (Kurdish)

Astei – “star” (Mongolian)

Astab – “heavenly” (Arabic)

Astantu – “eternal star” (Bantu)

Astigen – “born of stars” (Turkish)

Astoum – “light of the east” (Armenian)

Astamour – “mythical star” (Arabic)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “AST”

Astyn – “star” (English)

Astello – “heavenly” (Spanish)

Astori – “from the east” (Spanish)

Astyni – “divine grace” (Greek)

Astaris – “starry” (English)

Astorio – “eastern wind” (Spanish)

Astyno – “star-born” (Greek)

Astrei – “divine” (Spanish)

Astore – “hawk” (English)

Astia – “from the east” (Spanish)

Astylos – “star-like” (Greek)

Aste – “star” (Spanish)

Astara – “bright star” (English)

Astilo – “starlight” (Spanish)

Astyo – “divine strength” (Greek)

Astes – “from the east” (Spanish)

Asten – “star” (English)

Astero – “celestial” (Spanish)

Astyr – “starry” (English)

Asten – “from the east” (Spanish)

Astea – “star-like” (Greek)

Astin – “defender of the east” (English)

Astérix – “star” (French)

Astian – “divine grace” (Spanish)

Astón – “from the east” (Spanish)

Astyra – “starry-eyed” (English)

Astre – “star” (French)

Astico – “rich in stars” (Spanish)

Astil – “heavenly” (Spanish)

Astel – “star” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “AST”

Astorius – “devoted to the stars” (Latin)

Astéphanes – “crowned with stars” (Greek)

Astírios – “devout” (Greek)

Astuto – “wise” (Spanish)

Astius – “steadfast” (Latin)

Asteroth – “star” (Greek)

Astorgius – “divine strength” (Latin)

Astiano – “grace of the stars” (Spanish)

Astucio – “clever” (Spanish)

Astérgios – “starry” (Greek)

Astarto – “like a star” (Greek)

Astorín – “little star” (Spanish)

Asteve – “crowned with glory” (Spanish)

Astoklos – “glory of the stars” (Greek)

Astenio – “firm” (Spanish)

Astathios – “faithful” (Greek)

Astistos – “most holy” (Greek)

Astulios – “divinely inspired” (Spanish)

Astérgion – “little star” (Greek)

Astidoro – “gift of the stars” (Greek)

Astín – “firm” (Spanish)

Astorgio – “divine strength” (Italian)

Astério – “starry” (Greek)

Astípulo – “protector of the east” (Greek)

Astianax – “king of the stars” (Greek)

Astígero – “bearing stars” (Spanish)

Astylos – “constellation” (Greek)

Astucio – “clever” (Spanish)

Astoril – “radiant star” (Spanish)

Astenio – “steadfast” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “AST”

Astronaut John Glenn

The first American to orbit the Earth, a legendary astronaut and former senator.

Astronomer Carl Sagan

Renowned for his popularization of science, particularly his work on the cosmos and extraterrestrial life.

Astrologer Walter Mercado

A beloved astrologer and television personality known for his flamboyant style and accurate predictions.

Astrologer Astrology

A celebrated Indian astrologer known for his accurate readings and insights into Vedic astrology.

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson

A prominent science communicator and astrophysicist known for his work in popularizing science.

Aston Villa Football Club

A historic English football club with a rich tradition and numerous league titles.

Astaire Fred

A legendary American dancer and actor known for his elegant style and timeless performances in Hollywood musicals.

Astaire Astaire

An acclaimed British novelist and screenwriter known for his darkly humorous and satirical works.

Astaire Astaire

A prominent French film director known for his innovative storytelling and visually stunning films.


A legendary figure in Greek mythology known for his role as the king of Crete and his encounter with the hero Theseus.

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