137 Best Nicknames for Armenian (Unique, Funny, Common)

Armenian names are steeped in history, culture, and tradition. Each name carries with it a unique meaning and resonates with the rich heritage of this ancient nation. Whether you’re an Armenian parent looking for a fitting nickname for your child or someone interested in the linguistic tapestry of Armenia, this article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to Armenian names and a plethora of nickname ideas to explore.

Meaning, Origin, and Description of the Name Armenian

The name ‘Armenian’ has a special significance as it directly relates to the people of Armenia. Derived from the Armenian word “Hay,” it has its roots in the ancient Hayk dynasty, which is believed to be the legendary forefather of the Armenian people. The name encapsulates the history and spirit of Armenia, a country with a deep cultural heritage, known for its art, architecture, and unique alphabet.

Nicknames for Armenian

Here is a mixed collection of curated cute, funny, and common nicknames for Armenian

  1. Armo
  2. Armi
  3. Armie
  4. Arman
  5. Armiee
  6. Armina
  7. Armeo
  8. Armster
  9. Arma
  10. Armada
  11. Armania
  12. Armz
  13. Armaro
  14. Armzy
  15. Armosa
  16. Armel
  17. Armano
  18. Armster
  19. Armiekins
  20. Armilicious
  21. Armus
  22. Armelita
  23. Arminho
  24. Arminator
  25. Armagnac

Unique Nicknames for Armenian

These are the unique Armenian nicknames you may consider:

  • Caucasion
  • Yerevanner
  • Anatolian
  • Sevanian
  • Araratian
  • Tigran
  • Garni
  • Dashnak
  • Vardapet
  • Erebuni
  • Hayk
  • Khachkar
  • Noravank
  • Khor Virap
  • Areni
  • Lusavorich
  • Geghard
  • Jermuk
  • Hayasa
  • Zvartnots
  • Ararat Gold
  • Dzoraget
  • Urartu
  • Van Lake
  • Armavir

Commonly Used Nicknames for Armenian

Some of the most common used Armenian nicknames are:

  1. Armo
  2. Armi
  3. Armie
  4. Arman
  5. Armenia

Check Out These:

Funny Nicknames for Armenian

  • Arma-Geddon
  • Armchair
  • ArmaNap
  • Arm-a-lama-ding-dong
  • Armadillo
  • Arm Wrestling Champ
  • Armalicious
  • Armagnificent
  • Armageddonite
  • Armalot
  • Armaduke
  • Armalicious
  • Armaphobia
  • Armada-uke
  • Armageddit
  • Armagladden
  • Armaduke Nukem
  • Armageddoodle
  • Armalade
  • Armachine
  • Armagedd-insane
  • Armalacarte
  • Armaggedonuts
  • Armalint
  • Armagician

General Armenian Nicknames

  1. Hayk
  2. Ararat
  3. Vardan
  4. Narine
  5. Gor
  6. Ani
  7. Silva
  8. Hovik
  9. Tatev
  10. Levon
  11. Siran
  12. Lusine
  13. Araks
  14. Artak
  15. Arpi
  16. Tigran
  17. Shushan
  18. Garen
  19. Satenik
  20. Armenak
  21. Narek
  22. Anahit
  23. Sasun
  24. Maral
  25. Masis

Armenian Name Variations

  • Arman
  • Armin
  • Armenuhi
  • Armenag
  • Armida
  • Armineh
  • Armanoush
  • Armaghan
  • Armash
  • Armik
  • Armanoosh
  • Armenua
  • Armida
  • Armoun
  • Armanak

Most Commonly Used Armenian Name Shorts

  1. Armo
  2. Armi
  3. Arman

Spanish Nicknames for Armenian

  • Armenio
  • Armanito
  • Armie

Famous People with Name Armenian

  1. Armenian Khachatur Abovian: An influential Armenian writer and national public figure during the early 19th century. He is known for his contributions to Armenian literature and his role in educational reform.
  2. Armenian I. Aslan Karatsev: A Russian-born Armenian professional tennis player who gained recognition for his remarkable performance in the Australian Open.
  3. Armenian G. Hovhannes Shiraz: A prominent Armenian poet of the 20th century, celebrated for his romantic and lyrical poetry.
  4. Armenian H. Avetik Isahakyan: A renowned Armenian poet and writer, famous for his patriotic and romantic poetry.
  5. Armenian K. Arman Manaryan: An Armenian scientist and researcher known for his contributions to the field of astrophysics.

Similar Names

  • Armando
  • Armenak
  • Arminius
  • Armano
  • Armani
  • Armanius
  • Armina
  • Armina
  • Amara
  • Armand
  • Arvind
  • Arlene
  • Arabelle
  • Arlette
  • Arwyn

Suggested Sibling Names

  1. Anahit
  2. Tigran
  3. Arpi
  4. Lusine
  5. Levon
  6. Ani
  7. Hovik
  8. Siran
  9. Maral
  10. Tatev
  11. Gor
  12. Silva
  13. Narek
  14. Narine
  15. Sasun

Tips to Come Up with Nicknames for Armenian

Coming up with nicknames for “Armenian” can be a fun and creative process. Here are some tips to help you brainstorm:

  • Shorten the Name: Start by shortening “Armenian” to create a simple nickname like “Armo” or “Armi.”
  • Use Syllables: Play around with different syllables of the name to create unique nicknames. For example, “Ar-me-ni-an” can become “Meani” or “Nia.”
  • Combine Letters: Combine letters from different parts of the name to form a new nickname. For instance, “Armenian” could become “Rami” or “Aria.”
  • Cultural References: Consider names and words associated with Armenian culture, history, or geography for inspiration. For example, “Ararat,” “Ani,” or “Hayk.”
  • Personality Traits: Think about the individual’s personality traits or interests and try to create a nickname that reflects them. For a lively person, you might use “Armi the Spark.”
  • Funny or Punny Nicknames: Get creative with wordplay or puns related to the name. For instance, “Armalicious” or “Armageddit.”
  • Combine with Initials: Use initials from the full name to create a nickname. For example, “A.R.” could become “Arrie.”
  • Add Endearments: Add terms of endearment like “Buddy,” “Champ,” or “Sweetie” to the name to make it more affectionate.
  • Ask for Input: If you’re creating a nickname for someone else, ask for their input. They might have preferences or ideas that resonate with them.
  • Test It Out: Once you’ve come up with a few options, try them out and see which one feels the most natural and fitting.

More Nicknames Ideas:

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