135 Awaring Alcohol Prevention Slogans, Sayings, and Phrases

Coming up with a compelling slogan demands that you pack a punch with only a few words. It should be simple, memorable, and powerful.

Most importantly, it should communicate a message that resonates deeply with audience.

I mention some great alcohol prevention slogans to help you. But before diving in, let’s first look at some best slogan examples.

These are some of the best examples of catchy slogans that will inspire your ideas:

Apple – Think Different

Nike – Just Do It

McDonalds – I’m Lovin’ It

Coca-Cola – Happiness is Real

Google – Don’t Be Evil

Microsoft – Life Is Good

Facebook – It’s quick and easy

Twitter – What Happens On The Internet Stays On The Internet

Virgin Airlines – No Fear

Starbucks – You Get What You Give

Zappos – Delivering Happiness

Whole Foods Market – Eat Food. Drink Better.

Southwest Airlines – “The Spirit Of Adventure”

American Express – Because We Care

Target – Always Low Prices Everyday

United States Postal Service – Forever Stampin’ Out Junk Mail

Nordstrom – Buy More, Save More

Urban Outfitters – Anything Can Be Art

Inspiring, right? Now, let us look at some alcohol prevention slogans:

Stop drinking – Start living.

Quit and live like a lion.

Buzzed driving is drunk driving.

I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions.

Must do the things you think you can’t do

Don’t start, keep a healthy heart.

Don’t be dumb, don’t drink rum.

Drunkenness is temporary suicide.

Keep calm and stop drinking.

Drinking makes you look like a fool

Allow life to thrive, don’t drink and drive

Alcohol, it’s a drug too

Champagne only brings pain.

Life can take you higher than alcohol

You can, if you think you can

Don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle happens.

Don’t start, keep a healthy heart

Alcohol cost you more than just money.

Let’s drink and make bad choices.

Drunk driving is a killer disease.

Alcohol Prevention Slogans

Say no to alcohol.

Live and let live

Drinker is a looser

Alcohol cost you more than just money

Alcohol: Temporary Fun With Permanent Consequences

Time to quit alcohol

Alcohol addiction is a self destruction

Alcoholism is an equal opportunity destroyer.

Principles before Personalities.

Willingness is the key.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk

Think – Don’t drink

First things first.

Don’t be booze, you have lots to lose.

Think before you drink.

Drinking and Driving: a Grave Mistake.

Quitting is easy.

Nothing is impossible

One alcoholic talking to another. One equals one.

Time to decline wine.

Alcohol damage happy life

Wine brings out the red in you.

Make the right call stay away from alcohol.

You booze, you cruise, you lose.

Alcohol damage happy life.

Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Time to quit alcohol.

Keep calm & stay away from alcohol

When you quit drinking you stop waiting.

Say no to alcohol

Alcohol Prevention Slogans

What are some catchy alcohol prevention phrases?

Love your family not alcohol.

Say no to alcohol and Yes to Pizza.

Alcohol use is life abuse.

Don’t drown your future with alcohol.

Kick it before it kicks you

Keep the plug in the jug.

Alcohol affects more than just you.

You booze, you lose.

Come with me and be Alcohol free.

Stay sober for yourself.

I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions

Drink less – Think more.

Easy does it, but do it.

Once attention lost, Accident comes across.

Over the Limit. Under arrest.

You can quit, believe in yourself.

Don’t drink and drive, and you’ll stay alive

Stay Alive, don’t drink and drive.

Quit for your healthy future

Don’t drink, read a book.

Alcohol free is the way to be.

Time to decline wine

You can do it, just think of it.

Be the best you can be- be Alcohol free

Come with me and be Alcohol free

One drink is too many and thousand not enough.

Let’s drink and make bad choices

Rethink your third drink.

Under the influence, under arrest.

You booze, you cruise, you lose

Alcohol Prevention Sayings

Better to arrive sober and late than never.

Change is a process, not an event.

Don’t drink and drive, and you’ll stay alive.

Alcohol: A drink that makes bad decisions look good

Drinking makes you look like a fool.

Alcohol: A drink that makes bad decisions look good.

A tree never hits an automobile except in self defense

A designated driver helps you party another day.

Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness.

Alcohol gives you infinite patience for stupidity.

Once attention lost, Accident comes across

Driving hammered will get you nailed.

To stay out of the slammer, don’t get hammered.

Call your sponsor before, not after, you take the first drink.

Don’t trust a brilliant idea unless it survives the hangover.

Try not place conditions on your sobriety.

Throw it away before it throws you away

You’re no punk so don’t drive drunk.

Drink the Rum and then you’ll be dumb.

Throw it away before it throws you away.

Be the best you can be- be Alcohol free.

If you must drink and drive, drink Pepsi.

Drunk driving is a killer disease

An alcoholic, a real alcoholic, is not the same man at all.

If you drink and drive, you’re going to make someone cry

Sober driving today. Alive tomorrow.

Alcohol is a make-you-stupid drug.

Don’t drown your future with alcohol

Let the “you can’t” people be your motivation.

Thinking, a better option than drinking.

Drinking isn’t cool. It makes you act like a fool.

Alcohol Prevention Sayings

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